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Jul 30

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working for the most precious family of 3. They built a brand new home with gorgeous views. Although their home is new and they have settled in, still the list of projects is endless.

Why you ask? In general, most new homes are built with your basic, run-of-the-mill, builder-grade type set-ups in the closets, pantry and garage. While I think it’s such a bummer home builders don’t contract with closet companies or cabinetry folks to get it done right from the beginning, I have zero issues coming in to help families get those closets designed and other spaces organized.

And in this case, I helped this sweet family design / install 2 closets, organize their pantry and we are heading into the garage next!

I’ll share their closets soon – was too excited to first share their stunning newly organized crisp and bright pantry…

Me…yow! (Insert inappropriate cat calls here)


Before I share more, this is where we began…

No, not too bad. This is what it generally looks like after you move into a new space. It’s all about getting those boxes unpacked and moving the cardboard out!

This is a great, spacious pantry, but my goal was to clear the floor and organize this baby beautifully. They moved in with their previously owned wine-rack that didn’t fit anywhere except against this wall. But I had a better idea for getting the wine tucked away neatly…yet accessibly, of course! They also needed a space for re-useable shopping bags and a few items needed to move here from the laundry room closet. (You’ll see that below as well!)


My friends dreamed of a bright, white and crisp space…with a mix of containment, including felt or fabric bins to keep shelf scuffing to a minimum. While you know how much I love my water hyacinth wicker baskets, sometimes they and other bins do in fact scuff the shelves. I find this happens only when the paint job isn’t done well from the beginning.

After sourcing several felt basket options (I searched high and low!), we landed on these awesome white fabric bins from Target…

I checked out a few felt bins from Amazon and The Container Store only to find they were too floppy for my preference. Or they only came in gray tones. We needed structure to keep items from falling out and yet keep the pantry looking clean and organized. If bins were flopped over it would look sloppy.

Instead of purchasing in-store, I ordered the bins online (with free shipping and a coupon code) which ensured a bright white bin with no fingerprints. The bins in-store had been handled quite a bit – so if you love this pantry, my tip is to order the bins online.

Back to that gorgeous pantry…


( white plastic bins | white floor basket )

If you have a walk-in pantry, this is a great space to utilize for lesser-used kitchen appliances. We found a home for a few items like their crock-pot, blenders and food processor. Just line them up neatly on shelves and I promise they’ll look beautiful. I also like to move back-stock items such as overflow ziploc bags, paper products and sports bottles to a pantry as well. It frees up drawer and cabinet space.

In this pantry, I created 2 zones – the section straight ahead is for the lesser-used kitchen items, a large floor basket for re-useable shopping bags, and their paper towel supply. The right side of the pantry is all food related items…

( white plastic bins | white fabric bins | canned food riser | turntables | clear bins )

I chose a mix of my favorite white plastic handled bins and the white fabric bins. I added in a few of my standard turntables, a canned food riser, and clear shelf bins as well.

My new favorite is the easy-to-assemble wine rack I sourced from Amazon…

( wine rack )

This fits perfectly under the bottom shelf and spans their entire right side floor space. Love it!

Here’s a peek into the fabric and plastic bins…

These give you ample storage space while keeping the shelves neat and tidy.

I absolutely LOVE the way this pantry turned out. Admittedly, I was stressing a bit about sourcing the perfect fabric or felt bin. I put in several hours of search time before finding and falling hard for these. So glad to have put in the effort because these could be a new favorite of mine! Love them!


If you’d like to shop the products in this pantry, you can shop the post right here…

Before leaving, we also tidied their laundry room closet. Some items moved from this closet to the pantry, which gave us a clear shelf for their modest gift wrap supply to be organized here. I used my go-to inexpensive multi-purpose bins to contain it all. We didn’t want to mess up their new walls or doors with a door / wall-mounted solution. These bins were the best option!…

( multi-purpose bins )

Very soon I look forward to sharing more from this gorgeous new home – this is seriously the most adorable family with impeccable taste!

Back soon guys!

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