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Aug 27

While every August I’m sad to see my kids go back to school, there is something very exciting about this time of year. That feeling in the air – it’s here … Fall is on the way, temps are cooling off, football games have started, and holidays are coming. Maybe a little quicker than we hope, but they are coming! And it really is such a fun time to get back to routine and get re-organized after a long, relaxed summer schedule. I love nothing more than getting our little homework / study areas re-organized for a new year of homework. Well, actually…only thing I could love more = helping families get their spaces organized too!

And this one had all the Sam cylinders fired up!…

How To Organize A Mudroom Command Center

How gorgeous is this mudroom command center? Seriously. To die for….or should I say – to LIVE for! Holy smokes this is a beautiful space!

This adorable mother of 2 needed a little help re-organizing her command center / mudroom. While gorgeous and spacious, this room could easily throw anyone trying to organize it. For starters, the space has 4 points of entry / exit. There’s a standard door in / out of the garage, a door that goes in / out of the backyard, a door that goes in / out of the porch, and as you pass through this barn door, you enter the kitchen and main hallway…

How To Organize A Mudroom Command Center

The extra wide door is stunning…

How To Organize A Mudroom Command Center

So right off the bat I could see how she really wanted minimal items in here. There is a lot of cabinet space – some not pictured. This is not a space to be overloaded.

The laundry room is on the other side of the wall (wait until you see the magic behind one of these lower cabinet doors!) so she wasn’t sure if cleaning products should be kept here or in the laundry room. 2 dogs have beds and water bowls in here. And of course there is mom’s command center, which she had built into the space when designing the home. She didn’t want a traditional office, but needed a spot to connect the desktop computer / printer and rest a laptop.

Point being, when you have a large space like this that serves multiple purposes…and people are walking through it multiple times each day…it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the “where should I put this or that?!”.

First thing was setting up a dog station. Using 1 lower shelf near the cubbies, I carved out a little space for leashes, dog health and grooming, along with to-go items like poop bags, travel water bowls and balls…

How To Organize A Mudroom

( deep clear bins with handles | clear bins )

And I created a to-go station for the humans in the house as well. Sunblock, bug spray, travel tissue packages, hiking items (they live off a trail head), and other things one may need before heading out the door can be found here!

Every home needs a spot for paper or reusable grocery bags. So I made sure to leave a little open space for bags to sit here. Now mom can grab and go when it’s time to hit the market!

The mudroom is close to the kitchen, so we kept the back stock of trash and compost bags here, instead of congesting the kitchen sink cabinets…

How To Organize A Mudroom

I left one lower shelf available for fresh batteries, batteries to recycle and a few small home items needed in a pinch.

Brace yourself for this genius idea…

I mentioned the laundry room is on the wall behind this space. Mom designed a cut-out in the back of this cabinet for any wet / muddy clothing to drop right into a hamper. No one will be running through the house with dirty clothing – just strip down and drop it in. From the laundry room side of this space, she can pull the hamper through and put everything right into the washer. So smart!

Did you notice?…The organized school / office supplies!…

Beautifully Organized Mudroom Command Center & School Supplies

( clear handled bin )


These drawers have been a go-to of mine for YEARS…and they are just flexing their muscles bigger than ever in this photo opp…

( large drawer | medium drawer | small drawer )

Whether mom needs tape or the kids need a highlighter, it’s all here – categorized in easy to pull out drawers. Not stacked bins.

How To Organize Mudroom Cabinets

I also spent a little time creating a beautifully organized command center drawer…

How To Organize Drawers with Clear Dividers

( clear drawer dividers )

This drawer is the perfect drop zone for extra keys and a few desktop necessities.

I had the very best time designing and organizing this gorgeous, functional space…and working for this sweet family of 4. They really are such generous, kind people!

How To Organize A Command Center

If you’d like to shop this space, you can find the product details right here…

Hope you’re back to school season is off to a great (and organized) start! Back soon guys!

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