Organized Walk-In Pantry & Pull-Out Pantry Cabinet

Aug 18


This was one of the projects that had me excited for the “after” before I even left the consultation. For real.

When I meet with families about organizing needs / projects, I never see the clutter or disorder or volume…I see the end result. The after. And just how incredible the space is going to function and look. So after leaving this consult, I sincerely couldn’t wait to dig into the details, source / purchase the materials and return to complete the project.


This sweet family of 6 was struggling with their large walk-in pantry, which also doubled as a space to keep entertaining items, baking gear, vases, paper products and more. They didn’t have a designated space anywhere else in the house for items like this and mom LOVES to throw a good party. From Super Bowl to Christmas, she’s got your party theme covered. So the challenge was not only finding a spot for everything…but making it accessible so she didn’t find herself running out to purchase more when that big game rolled around.

As you see in the above photos, there isn’t a lot of pantry-type foods stored in here. And that’s because she has a pull-out cabinet style pantry in the kitchen. This space also needed systems and organization…

Ready for the after?…


Starting with the walk-in pantry, I went with a mix of my favorite go-to, tested, tried and loved solutions…

Seriously, exactly how I envisioned the space coming together – maximizing every inch of space with bins and drawer systems. And just as beautiful as the family living here!

By the way – that ceiling and the light? Love her sense of style.

( drawer systems | white handled bins | multi-purpose bins | clear lidded bins | glass jars )

The pull-out pantry was organized using deep bins for categories. Pull-out drawers are a match made in heaven for these bins. They are 16″ deep to really make the most of a space. What I love most about these deep bins is that you can line them up along the top shelves of a pantry this height. Families can easily reach items by simply grabbing that handle.



Love this organized snack drawer…

( deep bins | baking bins )


If you can relate to these 2 spaces in your home, you can conveniently shop the products I used right here…

This kitchen was so fun to work in and I love the family who lives here. Look forward to returning and organizing their garage soon!

Hope you’re getting some organizing done this weekend! Let me know what you’re working on during this back-to-school season!



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  1. ellenr886 says:

    I love the transformation!!!! I need to find some better storage methods for my cabinets because I’m just running out of space and I think it’s because I’m not utilizing the space I do have with the right matching shapes and sizes of items.

  2. Maggie says:

    That looks so good! Love that walk-in pantry. I once had a kitchen that size 😉

  3. Beautiful! How do you find people who need this kind of help? Where do you advertise? There’s not much left in my house to organize (I just like doing it) and know there are probably others out there that HATE taking the time — where to find those people?

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you so much!

      All of my business is word of mouth – I’ve become known as the organizer who does this type of work. I’m not doing any advertising. 🙂


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