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Dec 20

Each of us has our strong points. A couple of my strong points are problem solving and space planning. And lucky me, this is the perfect combination for being a professional organizer. Correct that = a professional organizer who not only de-clutters and organizes…but also designs, builds and creates. And makes it pretty. It’s why I have so much business. Not saying this to pat myself on the back or throw an ego party. I’m sharing this because you may have noticed my projects aren’t always black and white. In my business I’ve become known as the girl who can fix any space issue. Some of this comes from several years of experience seeing hundreds of homes, but I have to admit most of the skill comes naturally. So grateful!

But…I’m not going to lie, my brain hurts a little bit each week. Lately some of the spaces coming my way have really thrown me. For example, I saw a garage earlier this week and of the 3 walls we have to work with, only ONE is capable of adding shelving. There’s pipes and conduit all over one wall, there’s a Tesla car charger mounted in the middle of another wall and their fireplace backs up on yet another section of wall. It’s going to be a HUGE success when that space is completed!

On a weekly basis I’m challenged with difficult spaces / situations and am so determined (did I mention that is another strong point – if you can call it that! haha!) that I’m not willing to give up. It may take me months to finally get a space installed for a family, but it’s because we truly put the thought into every last inch of space. I remind my clients that if they don’t hear from me for a while…get used to it, this is normal. I really need to step away from a space sometimes to develop the answer.

Point of this post is – no matter the space, there is always an answer. Always!


A few weeks ago a VERY sweet family contacted me about their own odd space. This pantry…

They renovated their kitchen and during the process were left with an odd sliver of space. They decided a walk-in pantry would be a nice addition so their handyman popped in simple melamine shelving. The right side of the pantry is very shallow. These shelves are only 5.5″ deep, but he did a great job adding usable space…

The left side is only 12″ deep…

Mom was thrown over how to best organize the shelves.

First step I ALWAYS take when challenged with space and an existing shelving unit is simple…


We had her handyman cut additional shelves – 4 for the left side…

So when I returned with the bins and baskets, we were ready to go!

We emptied the pantry, cleaned the shelves, categorized and then had fun putting it all away!


Check this out…

Containment was only required on the left side. I repurposed as much of her bins as possible – the oxo containers are always a great keep!…

But you’ll recognize the addition of my favorite budget-friendly items in here too like the clear handled bins and turntables

The wicker cube baskets were the perfect fit for the floor and are great for storing backstock, paper towels or shopping bags.

( oxo containers | clear handled bins | turntables )

Snacks are within reach for the kids yet also easy for mom to find when making lunches.

( wicker cube | black label | label maker )

On the right side, we kept it simple by organizing the canned goods, vitamins and more…

I repurposed her small white bins up top for medicine and a first aid kit…

Turned out nicely! She is thrilled. All it took was the addition of 4 shelves and simple containment!

While I was there we also tackled 3 small drawers off the kitchen. These are located in the walk-through space from the garage into the kitchen / family room area. They make the perfect landing spot for the kids and mom / dad to drop keys or special items. She had power strips added to the back of the drawers during construction (smart!) but didn’t know how to organize around them in the drawers.


I added a divider across the middle to define a section for technology and lined up a few drawer organizers across the front for their little things…


This drawer is for mom / dad to toss keys, coins, pens, post-its, odd wires, etc…items they need at the ready, but not in a kitchen drawer…

3 beautifully organized drawers…and very happy people – especially mom! A total pleasure to help them set up a beautiful pantry and 3 junk drawers.


If you saw anything here that could solve your own organizing dilemma, shop the products right here!…

Count down to Christmas is on. Hope you aren’t feeling too stressed out and are slowing down to enjoy this special time!

Back soon guys!



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  1. Sam, this pantry is fabulous. I just painted my pantry And waiting for it to dry. I found your blog and now I’m inspired to organize it more. Thanks for the inspiration!

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