Simply Done: Organized Garage Wall

Nov 7

Most people will see this wall and think there’s no way to make it functional…

With 2 electrical boxes, 3 running conduits (going in various directions), wall outlets AND a pull down attic ladder right above the space – it would be easy for someone to throw in the towel. Or take the easy way out with some annoying free-standing shelving or organization solutions. Or simply stack a bunch of bins here calling it a day.

Not me. Not us.

What do I see when I see a wall like that? I see visions of shelving off to the right, 2 long tracks for hangings bags and other mom gear. I see a clear floor to easily sweep.

I see this…

When I say moms bring me their most challenging spaces – I mean it! And I’m more determined than ever to make our answer a big YES because after doing this job as long as I have – there is always a way to solve every issue.

And I do my best to make it beautiful too. Not only functional and useable.

This sweet mom of 3 has all the usual mom gear – sports chairs, pool bags, a cooler bag for a picnic in the park, a heavy rolling wagon for park / beach trips, bins of toys the kids play with in the garage (but we still want to pick them up when we’re done and have a clear floor), and home decor items we rotate through. This and more was previously piled in the middle of the garage.

Although the one open wall remaining in the garage was this one, I knew Elfa would be the answer. You can configure the material to work around anything on the wall – including all the obstacles you see here – and the price is on point.

I designed the shelving to sit in front of the conduit on the left and we cut the top track to make it all hang perfectly. This was the perfect spot for her 10 bins and a few extras.

Then we added 2 utility tracks along the right to load up with all the fun components that would get everything else off the floor.

All while giving us clearance to easily pull down the attic ladder, seen here…

It really turned out beautifully and we loved seeing that beautiful, clear epoxy floor!…

If you have a wall similar to this – most garages do! – this is a great option to make it more functional. Find all of the sources I used on the Elfa page of the Container Store website.

We’ve been working on several incredibly fun projects and hope to have more time to get them here for you to see / hear about. But in the meantime, remember you can always see me live from day to day on Instagram. I usually share what we are up to in stories and share a still image at the end of the day. I’d love to have you join us – we’re almost 200K friends strong over there! Amazing!!! And very fun!

Hope you guys are doing well! Happy November!



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  1. Shannon says:

    Amazing, Sam…love it! Keeping this in mind for a wall in our garage.

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