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Apr 27

Hey guys! Hope you are having a wonderful start to Spring and enjoyed a nice Easter. How is it possible May is just a few days away. What?! Our move is happening next week so I am here to share some fun updates including some furniture and paint colors I’m working on.

Soooo…if I’m honest, not feeling all that well. I think everything culminating up to this move + my emotions + work + life in general is taking its toll. Sometimes all I can do to get through the day is to literally add every small task or thing to my to-do app. I’m talking granular. And then check them off as I go. Things like wash face, face massage, brush teeth, drink greens, meditate, glass of water, coffee, make lunches, drive kids to school, get ready, check emails…all the way through wash face, brush teeth, set alarm.

We have different ways of coping. This just happens to be where I’m at right now and what is sorta working. I know it will get better and trying to stay positive and focus on knowing I can and will make it, be ok, survive, etc. I also know there are bigger issues in the world. Keeping it in perspective along the way. But you know when they say…if you have your health you have everything? I don’t really have my health right now. In my mind or body. Fighting my way back.

More soon.

Currently, on my way to Baltimore for the NAPO conference. More on this soon too!


Anyway…to the fun things! One of the big tasks on my list before the move (next week!!) is locating a few key furniture pieces. Although the stress of buying things typically crumbles me (I’m a reluctant shopper / spender), it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I went to a couple outlets with a friend and seeing all of the furnishings brightened my spirit. Put me in my creative brain…seeing visuals and dreaming about what our new space will look and feel like.

I didn’t get a lot because – outlets! You never know and it has to be the right timing. But the few things I did purchase really excited me.

If you live in the Bay Area, you are familiar with the Vacaville outlets. We went there, but first started at the Restoration Hardware outlet in Pleasanton. Didn’t know they had a closer location so we ran in there first. Found a couch I totally fell in love with…

This is the Lugano and it’s heaven! They have a lot of Cloud couches in stock – at both locations – but they look so messy to me. And I’m such a clean lines person. Anyone else?

Compared to the Cloud…

That photo makes it appear “tidy” but in person it has a comfortably messy look. These are more available should I decide to add on and locate pieces from an outlet, but they wear in a bit messier. I’ve been searching Craig’s List and Facebook as well. The Cloud’s available there definitely have the worn in look since they are previously owned. Hard choice on this one because it’s where I know we’ll spend a lot of time. I’d like to nail that one.

Since we started at this location and it was our first stop, I didn’t want to buy something without seeing other options so we put it on hold and drove an hour north to the other location. Was hard to leave because I knew it would go. The Vacaville location had fewer couch options (a lot of Clouds!) but I did manage to buy a new office chair…

And a bed for my daughter…

So cute! It’s the Antonia…

There’s a Williams Sonoma Home a couple doors up and that’s where we scored some real sale prices. ALL furniture was 70% off the ticketed price! I found this headboard for myself…

It’s the Gable headboard. And I found this bedside table as well…

It’s the Sausalito in Seadrift from Pottery Barn.

Four key items in a day wasn’t a bad start! I went back and forth about the couch…still debating which one and think I’ll head back to the outlets again this weekend or next week to look again. There’s also a PB outlet in our area.

Will for sure share more as things develop with the new house decor…just investing in a few key items and have much of what we already need.


These are always hard!

I’m going to do much of the home improvement projects in this house slowly over time, but I’m having my painter help me with a couple areas. Specifically our bedrooms and home office. I was only planning on having the kids bedrooms painted but he talked me into the primary bedroom as well…and I agreed.

With the white headboard I was concerned about a paint color. I really want a clean, bright, fresh look in this bedroom. But white walls with a white headboard AND mostly white bedding?! I consulted one of my best buds who is a designer. You may already know Nicole of Eye For Pretty. If not, go follow her now!

Since my painter is available to get started this weekend, I needed quick decisions on paint. Thankful for her friendship and graciousness in helping me in a pinch.

Sooooo, first, let me show you the bedroom…the windows!…

I know…carpet. Going to make it work but hope to update this at some point.

Very high ceilings.

I was thinking either a very light light gray or a warm white. She said the only way to possibly do white would be something like White Dove with a very stark white trim. Looks like this…

( Design: campbell.king.interiors 📷: @kristen.mayfield )

It’s definitely warmer with that white trim. I kinda like it. Funny enough, that is the white I painted the old house before moving. Remember that?…

Definitely looks like a cooler white outside…but looks warm inside against that very stark white trim.

Here’s a great example of a white headboard with white walls…

Note the same color side table as I purchased as well…so I think this could actually work. This paint color is Chantilly Lace though…

( source )

I’m leaning toward White Dove. We’ll see.

For the kids bedrooms I’m thinking either the same color or Athena, which has slight gray undertones. I had this color in a few spaces at the old house…

Nicole also suggested Classic Gray which is a light light gray that reads more off white…

For the office pretty sure I’m going Swiss Coffee, which is my typical go-to. It’s comfortable to me. Oh…here’s a glimpse of the office before. Can’t wait to transform this space…

The window valances are coming down and Eddie is going to help me remove the track lighting and hide the wiring. For the time being, I’ll use a desk lamp if I have to work in here at night because once those lights are down, there’s no light source. But eventually maybe a pretty chandelier of some kind?

Pretty sure all of my previous office furniture will fit in here which I am VERY excited about!

Hope you liked a little sneak peek of a few spaces. I’ll share more of course as things progress with the move. The movers arrive to load the truck on Tuesday and hope to be unpacked and settled by the end of next week…we’ll see! For sure follow along on IG because I’ll add to stories every day I’m sure.

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. Kelsey T. says:

    Hey Sam! I have been in and out of reading your blog and following you on other social media sources. I am thinking about you during your move. Moving is so hard and I pray it all goes seamlessly. I just wanted you to know I am holding space for whatever it is you’re going through, and I am here for support. Sending you all the love and hugs today, friend.
    Kelsey Townsend

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