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Oct 30

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! Halloween is TOMORROW?? The entire month flew, right?? Here today to share a quick PSA about the Sephora sale. Your savings amount depends on your level, but savings is savings! It’s all worth it to save that money!!

I’m in the Rouge level so I saved 20% off the order I placed today. I purchased a few items I needed to replenish, but am going to take a little more time this week to dig into cool items for family and hostess gifts. The sale ends November 7…so there’s time to research!

Guys – I know you’re feeling the financial pinch in this economy. I am too! I’m not going broke this season purchasing gifts OR buying gifts that are a waste of money…clutter! I always want the recipient to LOVE what I gift, but don’t want it to be a useless gift either. So I’m again working on the non-clutter holiday gift guides. I have SO many great ideas! And all broken down by category.

The Sephora sale is a great opportunity to get ahead of the shopping craziness so you can enjoy more down time this season. The collage includes a few of my favorites…may be back again this week with more. But definitely check out the sale!

My regular readers will recognize several of those items…especially the eye patches and lip gloss. LOVE both! Those are dailies. The eye patch package alone is absolutely worth it! So we’ll start there…because I can’t figure out WHY this is such an amazing offer??!!

I’d say five out of seven mornings a week I apply eye patches before any other skincare. The gold hydra-gel have been my go-to forever! I recently received a package of Blaq eye patches that were awesome. I shared those during the Amazon sale, but I will not spend that much for eye patches that I will wear regularly. Those are a once in a while treat.

Anyway, since I wash my face at night, I just splash cold water on my face first thing and then apply eye patches until I’m getting ready for the day. I even wear these to carpool in the morning – lol! I don’t even care. I usually wear them for about 20-30 minutes. Just depends. And they sort of blend into your skin so they aren’t as obvious.

The gold eye patches alone are $75…


( eye patches )


What I don’t understand – and I’m not going to try! – is that you can receive this full-size package of three eye patch products for only $78!…

( eye patch bundle )

I’ve used the Water Drench patches and they are great. But have never tried the Firm patches. ALL THREE for the price of ONE?! I purchased the bundle today!

My favorite Dior lip gloss is available at Sephora. I have this gloss in my car, the office, my work bag and gym bag. Go nowhere without it. Comes in many colors but I wear the lightest shade, pink, because it’s like a clear gloss with just a little color…

( lip gloss )

Part of my evening skincare routine is starting with this cleaning balm. Double cleansing has helped my skin and gets all the make-up off…

I use the balm, then wash my face and then, depending on the night, it’s either retinol, Vitamin B or my lightweight Cervae night cream. I am doing what is called “skin cycling” I think?? Learned about it at the dermatologist. But I always begin with the balm and then cleanse before any treatments.

Sometimes I do a little face massage with my roller and use this oil when doing so…

( face oil )

I make sure to wash the oil off very well before moving on with my routine.

I love this daily moisturizer!…

( moisturizer )

And add this glow sunscreen after the moisturizer has absorbed completely. I moisturize, then brush my teeth, then add the screen…

It adds the perfect amount of glow!

This is a new concealer for me this year. I purchased it in the spring and just purchased my second bottle today during the sale because it’s getting low. LOVE it! It’s full-coverage and I had to go into the store to match my skin tone. The color I ordered online was too dark. I needed something lighter and so went in to Sephora to get a better match. I only use this in the inner and outer corners…it’s super potent in coverage and looked too bright under my eyes. LOVE this concealer!

I recently shared my dupe for this mascara that I used to buy all the time…

If you like this one, it’s on sale! OR you can find my less expensive dupe here…

( mascara )


Will be back soon with the full array of gift guides…I have one of the fitness lover, the organizer, your tween girl or teen boys, ideas for him, for the kitchen junkie…a lot of ideas! All non-clutter!!!

Have a great day guys!



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