Happy Spring! + New Spring Garland

Mar 21

Happy spring! Hard to believe it’s spring 2023, but here we are. The Bay Area will definitely experience A LOT of beautiful spring flowers after our record-breaking rainy winter. Matter of fact, it’s storming again today! I LOVE this weather so I’m happy to hold onto winter as long as it lasts, but I did have the urge to add spring in the family room to brighten it up…

If you haven’t noticed, I am a sucker for garlands. I love adding them to the mantle, floor mirrors and front porch. And I love adding twinkle light strands…

I know, that must seem really bizarre to see spring AND a fire in the same photo – haha!! Like I said, winter weather continues.

I have green garlands that are pretty, but was looking for something with an added touch of flowers. Nothing over the top, just simple and pretty. This is the green garland I usually reach for…

It’s beautiful too! But I found this garland on Amazon and thought it was perfect for the season. I may even leave it up through summer…

( garland | lights | mirror | rug )

I figured worst case, if the flowers and leaves looked too fake, I could return it. Turns out it’s very life-like and pretty! It’s only $23 for two strands. Worth it!!!

It’s so nice I actually took a moment to write a review on Amazon, which I never do. Anyone else feel like you should write more reviews on Amazon? They are helpful when I have purchased something, so I need to pay it back and do those more often.

Here’s a little video showing you how the garland looks during the day and evening with the lights on. The twinkle lights are on a timer … they add love to this room in the evening. I totally enjoy making dinner, having the kids in here and seeing the lights on…really makes the space warm…

Hope you’re enjoying the first week of spring! Any spring cleaning yet??

Back soon guys!



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