Wayfair Sale is Coming: My Office Desk

Mar 28

Each time I share my home office on social, the two questions I receive without fail are where to find the Ikea shelf (this one) AND where to find my desk. Unfortunately, both the shelf and desk are in / out of stock. But when I saw a notice that Wayfair has a big 5-day sale coming up on March 31, I had to see if the desk was available. And it is!

There’s a variety of versions to consider so I’ll link a few others below – there’s a smaller footprint and my desk, which is more substantial.

Back when I purchased this desk in 2017, I wanted a lot of surface space to spread out designs and papers. Here’s my desk in the old house…

( my desk )

I’m still in love with the desk today! It’s the perfect mix of surface space, minimal drawers, an open / airy feel and it’s beautiful. I think, a classic.

( drawer organizers )

This is the larger desk that is similar to my footprint. My desk is a bit deeper, by about 4 inches…but otherwise exactly the same…

If you have a smaller space and love the look of this desk but desire a smaller version, here’s a couple on major sale to consider!…

( desk – $279 on closeout! )

( desk – $189! )

( desk – $157! )

The sale includes everything, so while I am not in need of a desk…I AM in need of accent chairs I’ve been hunting down for the family room. And a coffee table.

Wayfair has a HUGE inventory / site, as you may know, so it takes a little digging to find those gems. But I’m invested because the sale looks like it’s going to be huge – 70% off?!

Here’s another look at the Ikea shelf, which I shared a few days ago with my organized tech center…

Checked Ikea again today and it’s still out of stock. Wish it would come back because it’s such a great classic shelf!

My area rug was purchased from Walmart, but I found it recently on Amazon if that is more convenient for you. They are being sold for $280 on both sites – in the size 8×10…

( area rug on Amazon )

After filtering down my accent chair search on Wayfair, the results total about 1,526 … lol! Going to take a while to dig down and hopefully find the perfect one. The sale begins on the 31st so I have a little more time – haha!


There’s a few other sales coming up this week and next that are worth keeping in mind. The Sephora Savings Event, Quay’s buy one – get one sale, and Ulta’s 50% off sale is happening now – ending on April 1!

Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation gifts…I’m getting on top of those gifting events and keeping an eye on sales so I’ll be sure to share anything I see here with you guys!

Hope you’re having an awesome week!



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  1. Patrice says:

    Hi Sam. Are you sure that your exact desk is linked? The linked desk looks smaller than yours. I could be wrong though. Have the best day. 😀

    • Samantha says:

      Yes, my exact desk (minus a few inches of depth) is linked here – it’s the biggest desk you see. Mine has a slightly deeper desktop surface. But otherwise it’s exactly the same 🙂

    • Samantha says:

      Just double checked the measurements on the desk that is mine that I linked (this one – https://bit.ly/3M1p607) … it’s 64″ wide x 26″ deep. My desk is 64″ wide x 30″ deep. So it’s actually only 4″ less…

      Hope that helps!

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