Palm Springs Escape Recap

May 22

Where do I even begin to recap this incredible two-night escape to Palm Springs with my management team? If I start ANYWHERE, I HAVE to begin with Sarah, my manager…

This woman – not only the most dedicated and selfless mother / wife – she is one of the hardest working women I know. The level of thought, care and detail into everything she does. It’s unreal. She’s smart, sharp, the best negotiator and marketer. Warm, lovely, funny and witty – quick. Beautiful inside and out. Seriously could write an entire blog post JUST ABOUT HER.

Sarah, and the Trend team, has absolutely, positively impacted the brand partnership side of this business and taken hundreds, if not close to thousands, of hours off my plate so I can focus on what I am great at…which is NOT negotiating with brands or reading legal contracts or marketing myself.

LONG story short, because you may be wondering or confused, I signed with a management agency about two years ago. Not for the professional organizing side of this business. I run that whole wing of Simply Organized on my own. My manager and the Trend team focuses on the brand partnerships that cross my path.

For years and years, I alone managed the details of negotiating these contracts. And these are massive in more ways than simple paperwork or deliverables I need to provide. An example of a brand partnership would be the long nine-month contract I had with Lowe’s Home Improvement back in 2018/19. Every month I did a DIY project in partnership with Lowe’s that included the project PLUS the social deliverables, like blog posts, Instagram shares, etc. I can not begin to explain the amount of work involved just getting to the signed contract. After that, the work REALLY begins. Concepts thought through for approval, creating the content, editing the photos or videos, promoting the posts, writing, making sure everything is tagged correctly, etc.

There’s SO much to manage.

There’s also the part that’s highly important to me – keeping the partnerships in line with who I am and what I stand for. What I can stand behind. When I share a product or company, I’m putting my name on it and asking you to trust me. That matters! Being able to stay true to myself, to you AND also make a brand happy? It’s hard to balance.

For years I was hopeful to find a social media agency to work with but most of them ask for a monthly fee to manage you, whether you have a paying contract that month or not. Couldn’t see the point in doing that if I’m going to end up losing money. One day a few years ago, a couple I follow on IG tagged their management team. I immediately checked the Trend website and scheduled a discovery call.

Sarah was on the call and after she learned more about me and the brand we’ve built…and I learned more about Trend and how they operate, we both went into our respective corners to consider if it was a good fit. They spent a fair amount of time vetting me…and in the end reached out to say they wanted me on their roster. I was very excited! I can elaborate more on this specific topic later…and have plans to share more in a video on YouTube.

I could go on and on (and on) about the ways my life has been improved by working with Sarah and Trend. But I need to get started sharing the details of this trip!


One of the managers on the team, Faye, went above and beyond in the planning of this escape. The trip was open to the entire roster, which as of now has about sixty creators. Roughly forty-five of us were there. All we had to do was arrange our airfare and everything else was planned to pamper and entertain us. Give us a reason to unwind from the hard work we put in and “escape” to Palm Springs for a few days.

A very generous trip AND a chance to connect with fellow creators on the roster. Here’s the entire team, including Ted, the brains behind this business beginning in the first place…

Faye, standing in the white tank, took over for Sarah when she had a recent maternity leave. The entire process was seamless. There’s always so much detail to manage and they didn’t miss a beat with the temporary switch…and while Faye is east coast based, it didn’t matter. Communication was still quick and easy.

I LOVE this team!!!

Back to the trip recap…

Admittedly, these are not the type of events I do very well at because I am the type of creator who enjoys staying behind the camera. I knew this would be a huge leap out of my comfort zone, but a necessary one because I had yet to meet anyone on this team in person (Covid, babies, distance, etc) and I wanted to meet some of the creators I’ve become friends with and talk shop a bit.

The professional photos arrived in the last few days and it’s made very clear that is totally who I am. Everyone is in a LOT of the photos…I’m in just a few. Here’s an example of how you could see me throughout most of these days…

That’s me sitting here a bit blurred out, with the focus on everyone else. Exactly how I prefer it! lol!


Trip started early on a Monday morning out of Oakland…with a lot of coffee…

Easy 90 minute flight, going from a rainy Bay Area to a sunny Pam Springs…

We stayed at The Parker Palm Springs and it was the most unique slice of heaven. If you have the chance to stay here, DO IT!

It would be a challenge (and disservice) for me to attempt to describe the unique beauty and charm of this hotel. So I think you should definitely read this AD article where they say it all beautifully! I agree in that the updates are tasteful yet keep the charm and soul at the center of everything.

Upon arrival, we were offered a beverage…

And then I checked in and headed to my room …

Of everyone on Sarah’s roster, I was the only one who had a partnership in motion with a content deadline of this day. I chilled out in the room, worked on some of the content and then put on my brave girl pants to walk the property and see if I could find a few people.

I ended up at the pool, where a fair amount of the creators were hanging out. The skinny margarita helped me socialize a bit more…lol!

These were the people I hung with the most…with a few more. Will introduce you to them throughout this post…

After hanging at the pool for a couple hours, I headed back to my room to get ready for our evening event – a Tiki-inspired evening at Gene Autry’s estate, located on the property…

The evening was casual with a few bars, passed appetizers, and introduction / speech by Ted and Faye…and then I headed out a bit early (snuck out) to watch the last quarter of the Warriors game. 🙂


Today we had the option of three different excursions; a round of golf, a pool party at Frank Sinatra’s home or a spa day. I chose the spa! And am SO glad I did!

The hotel size is deceiving! From the front you think it’s this quaint little spot but there’s so much to see and do on the property. And the spa is very unique, relaxing and peaceful…

I was treated to a one hour facial and lunch. I arrived early to hang out with a few creators…a few of you may recognize this lovely woman, mom and housewife…

( Gretchen | Me | Brittany )

This was post services for all three of us – me without makeup! Heaven!

After the spa, I headed back to the room to relax before the big evening ahead. This evening was a beautiful sit-down dinner followed by a late night, hidden-away speakeasy.

Before the evening got away, we were able to take one huge group shot…

So fun! Everyone was positive and inclusive and lovely! Wish I could tag everyone here!

After dinner, we were invited to a speakeasy, hidden away at the hotel. Really fun!…

Such a fun time!!!


A few people I have enjoyed getting to know from a distance that I think you’d love!…

( Mason Smith – Dad Social )

( Nasreen – Hey Nasreen )

( Emily Fauver – Emily & Ella )

( Danae Hays + her wife Mandie Kaii )

( Rachel MeadersSmita PatelBrittany )

( Gretchen Rossi )

And a HUGE thank you again to Ted and the entire Trend team!

His wife, Dede, has an amazing social feed as well and we share Sarah as a manager. Definitely check her out!

The trip ended on Wednesday with a easy flight home in the morning. In the end, I’m really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I’ll know what to expect next time and will already have friends there to join me. 

Thank you for letting me share a bit about the trip! If you’re ever in Palm Springs, highly recommend The Parker! Very cute and fun!

Back soon with another post – hope you had an awesome weekend…



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  1. Congrats to you Sam! You stepped out of your comfort zone, met new people, exercised your courage, and now even bigger and better things are about to happen. I’m delighted for you. You’ve worked hard and deserve this. Stay strong! ❤️

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