My Favorite Set of Mixing Bowls

Mar 19

…and maybe soon to be yours as well!

I’m a minimalist at heart, therefore I am always looking for items that can serve more than one purpose. Beyond my simplistic nature, my profession has clearly influenced me too. Working in as many kitchens as I have, for example, I’ve seen it all. Well, not really – when I thought I’ve seen it all, I’m surprised and then reminded I actually may not have seen it all quite yet. haha!

Let’s just say I’ve seen enough homes to have a different outlook on “stuff” and how we can make better use of our spaces by instead investing in items that can do more than one thing.

A few months ago I found this set of mixing bowls and immediately knew I had to have them…


Remember when I said this is a judgement-free zone? Well, don’t laugh at me when I confess – but I didn’t own a single mixing bowl. Over the last few years the mis-matched bowls I had either chipped or were broken … or there was that one plastic bowl with the huge crack up the side. It was a bleak situation, guys. But somehow I was getting by using food storage containers if I needed to mix something. (I’m crafty like that)

I say I was somehow getting by…that was until the holidays when I was to host my entire family for Christmas. Aaaaaaand she needed to cook and bake, people.

Reality had finally smacked me in the face. Time to invest in a few kitchen things, Sam!

While researching bowls, I discovered this set and was sold almost immediately (I first had to read the reviews, of course). Not only does the set include five bowls, they are really well made! Each bowl has an airtight lid and the largest bowl comes with a lid that fits your choice of three different graters.

Guys. I didn’t own a grater either! I have a microplane for parmesan or zesting limes / lemons, but didn’t own a cheese grater.

Are you still laughing? No? Good…moving on….

The bowls come in a few colors and I chose this neutral khaki color. Each has a non-slip silicone base to prevent slipping on the counter. If this isn’t enough to sell you, the inside of each bowl has measurements engraved.

I knoooowwww! See!

Without sounding like an annoying infomercial, but wait….there’s more!…

You can also use beaters in the largest bowl with the lid on to avoid splatters…

I’m a review reader so it was great to see the set has almost 11,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

And you can add me to that 5-star rating list because I LOVE this set and use it weekly.

My kids LOVE taco night, quesadillas and nachos. Instead of buying bagged pre-shredded cheese which is loaded with awful ingredients I am now buying blocks of cheese and conveniently grating them into the bowl with minimal mess. I then transfer the cheese to a smaller food storage container. I feel so much better grating our own cheese now.

It’s the little things and I wish I didn’t wait this long to buy something we really needed.

…but wait….there’s MORE!!…

The set nests together in one little stack, which means you are saving space. AND you have an item that serves more than one purpose.

A couple months ago I shared this video with our social communities and wanted to share it here with you as well…

Since YouTube Shorts have to be less than a minute, I could only speak to a few product benefits in this video but you can see a longer version of this on IG or TikTok. But the point is I wanted to share this video so you can see them in my kitchen with me!

This set that I purchased is sort of your basic option. They offer add-ons like measuring cups or measuring spoons…or a collection of cooking utensils. Lots of options. But you know me, I stuck to the basics and what I needed. 🙂

If you need a new set of mixing bowls, this is highly recommended by me! And hope you love them too!

Hope you’re having a great start to your week guys!!

Back soon with more…



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