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Mar 3

Hi and Happy Sunday!

On Sunday’s you can find me at home doing laundry, cleaning, meal prepping for the week ahead and at the end of the day, when everything is completed, I vacuum and mop. On this day I also do long Peloton rides and indulge in various self-care routines like a face mask, hair mask, eye masks and more.

I love Sunday’s! And today is a rainy one. Also one of my favorite things!

In case you do the same on Sunday, I wanted to share a video and product with you that is currently on sale.

At the end of 2023 I shared this video (not sponsored!) with our social community and everyone went crazy over it. And, trust me, it’s worth all the hype! The reel has over 100,000 views and was shared over 450 times. And that’s just on Instagram – not including TikTok, YouTube or anywhere else I shared it.

This mop / vacuum combo is life-changing. It has totally streamlined floor cleaning for me and I had to finally share it with everyone. So at the end of the year, after having a dog with us for a week, I shot a video of it in use to share the before and after. Here’s the video in case you missed it…


I have owned this system for a long time – it sat in the box for quite a while, to be totally honest. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to learn how to use it and was unsure it would actually work. You know how it is when you find something that says it’s easy to use. I feel like that’s an immediate stop sign or roadblock for me. It’s an immediate reason to not try it because I know it’s going to be complicated. Ha!

About two years ago, I finally opened the box, read the instructions, used it, had my mind blown and never looked back. I do own a regular vacuum for carpeting as well but otherwise, I got rid of every other mop or vacuum system I owned and it’s down to these two only.

It’s SO easy to use and cleans VERY well. As you can see in my video, it mops AND vacuums at the same time. Therefore, you don’t need to sweep or vacuum before mopping. It works well for cleaning around Nova’s litter box too. We have a great robot litter box but she still tracks litter out. All I need to do is run this over the floor at the end of each day and it thoroughly picks up all the tiny litter.

Yesterday I discovered the vacuum is on sale for a limited time – 30% off! You can imagine a system like this is a bit of an investment – one that is very much worth every dime, I promise. But if you can purchase it on sale – yes all day!

Tineco has an Amazon store where you will find all of their products and any answers to questions you have, but here’s an example of a couple versions that are on sale.

This one is 30% off and $349…

( vacuum )

This one is 17% off and $499…

( vacuum )

My vacuum is an older version – I mentioned I have owned it for a long time. But I’d say it’s closer to both of these. I don’t have a system with a bunch of add-ons as you may see on their storefront. I went simple and it’s been great!

These don’t go on sale very often so if you are in need of a system like this, now’s the time to grab it! We are a ways out from Prime Day or any other big Amazon sale.


Quickly wanted to mention that I have A NEW LINK for you to join my digital course email list. We had a mishap early last week that caused us to lose our entire list. I’m glad I’m still early in the process of marketing the course because while the list had grown quite a bit…at least it wasn’t a list YEARS in the making, you know. I really kept a positive mindset and didn’t let the mishap take me down.

Set backs are really set ups…for something better. REMEMBER THAT!!!

Anyway, if you did join the list or you missed that last post where I spoke about it, here’s the new link to join me!

I’m still on track to launch this baby NEXT MONTH! So make sure you join my list to learn more as it all unfolds. I’ll be selling the course for 50% off to TEN people. I will be alerting this list first and will explain why I’m doing this as well.

Excited to launch my first course…one of many to come!

Hope you guys have a great Sunday!



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