Simply Done: Organized Bathroom Cabinet

Mar 12

If you don’t already know me by now, when it comes to organizing I have very specific views and methodologies. After doing this as long as I have, I see it differently. I am ALL ABOUT space planning and first starting by improving upon what you have…not bringing in bins and containers. I’m all about adding more space and less clutter or systems that become clutter down the line.

This bathroom cabinet is a great example!


I wish I had a before photo of the cabinet. When I arrived, she had already emptied it so I couldn’t snap one. But if you can imagine, these three shelves were piled high with stuff. These are deep and because there was so much space between them, items were stacked and out of reach in the very back.

As soon as I saw the cabinet, I knew we first needed to add a shelf. Thankfully, she knew the vendor who installed these cabinets so that we could order one to match. The front of the shelf has a unique design therefore we wanted to keep it cohesive.

If we could add a shelf, that would not only give us more surface space, it would also keep them from stacking items. Just overall give us more order and function. And not go back to the way it was before.

It was also bugging my aesthetic brain / eye that the shelves didn’t line up with the window panes you see on the cabinet doors. When the doors were closed, you could see the shelves through the frosted glass. I’m a details gal!

Look at how adding a shelf can change everything!…

After getting the shelf in place, I used my favorite new bins. These are made by the Container Store making them more affordable and they frequently go on sale. They have a handle, each comes with a removable divider, are available in two different depths and several widths. Oh…you can stack them too!

Just overall a great product. I used them yesterday in a pantry, as a matter of fact!


So pretty! And organized! I love a simple label.

The lower cabinet was also re-organized…

( bins )

And I created a video of the process guys! Check it out here…

If I can encourage you to do anything, first take a look at your overall space to see if you can benefit from changing the structure or surface space a bit. Adding shelves, for example, make a huge difference. And could possibly mean you don’t need bins at all.

Thanks for reading and joining me on the blog guys! It’s great to be in more of a regular rhythm of posting. And hope you’re enjoying March!

Back with more soon!



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