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May 1

There is nowhere else I’d rather be this morning than RIGHT HERE on this blog WITH YOU sharing this VERY EXCITING information!

This blog is and always will be the heart of this business. So of course I had to share this here first!

My very first digital course is available and you can buy it right now!

Welcome to Trust The Process! 

This is one of MANY digital courses I am creating for you! Why? We’re going to simplify the process of decluttering, organizing, space planning and maintaining your home. Following my simple 5-step approach!

And guess which space we are starting with?

You guessed it! YOUR GARAGE!

Why are we starting with your garage?

I discovered early on in my work as a professional organizer that the garage was the entry and exit point from our homes. We really aren’t coming and going from our front doors. Therefore, the garage not only needs to function better and be more organized for families BUT they also take on the brunt of our clutter or indecisions. The garage has long been a place where items we don’t want get dropped off…or even those items we are in question about get dumped here for deciding on or acting on later.

But even more so, our garages have become drop zones for anything and everything else. Therefore they are more cluttered and disorganized than ever. YET once we get them organized, it’s like a breath of fresh air! Opening that garage door doesn’t spiral you into panic mode or raise your blood pressure. Or cause you to slam the door and run in the other direction. Or trip over anything.

When everything is zoned and space planned and tidy, you actually ENJOY and want to spend time out there.

And why not?? The garage is one of the largest spaces of your home. Why not make the most of it and make it work extra hard for you!


When your garage is organized, there’s room for new hobbies or a gym space…maybe even YOUR CAR! And when it’s decluttered and space planned, items from inside your home that aren’t used more than once per year can move to the garage. Creating even more space and function INSIDE the house.

I’m serious when I tell you having a decluttered, organized garage is life-changing. And it can set the overall peaceful flow throughout the rest of your house. And provide so much peace of mind.

So let’s talk about what my course includes!

6 Modules

30 Lessons

35+ page pdf workbook

7 page resource guide

I’m with you every step of the way, taking your garage from cluttered to decluttered to space planned and organized…and we even cover how you can maintain your efforts!

In Module One I’m breaking down my 5-step trusted process so that you have a clear understanding of how it all works. It’s simple, easy and is going to help you gain clarity AND confidence that you can do this! I’m coaching you along the way!

In Modules Two through Six we are taking my 5-step process and tackling your garage together. Here’s a glimpse of how it looks inside…

Within each module, there are lessons to follow. Broken down into small steps and PACKED with tips and insights from me to make the entire process smooth and easy to follow.

I’m your guide throughout the entire course. And the projects you see throughout are all from our portfolio.

My goal with creating this course (and additional future courses) is to equip you with the know-how to DO IT YOURSELF! Because YOU CAN do this yourself! And I want to help as many people as possible reach their home organization dreams and goals. While I can’t physically be in every home or every garage (even though I wish I could!), I can now be there to help you by coaching you along the way how to do it.

At this point you are probably wondering how much this course is going to set you back. I can tell you this, it is priced SO LOW even I can’t believe I am offering it at this price. To have me consult with you in your home for one hour is $275.

But you are getting Sam + all of my tips and hours and hours of content for only $397!!

I could easily charge more for this course but there’s a few reasons I am pricing it this low for the this launch.

First of all, I want to help as many people as possible and make it affordable. And being my first time creating a course, while this content is exceptional…it’s going to get even better for the next version.

This is the lowest this course will ever be and when you purchase it, you will have lifetime access to it AS WELL AS access to all future updates to the course!

For only $397!!!

There’s another package available but for only 30 people.

In addition to the course, I’m also offering the option of adding on 2 group coaching sessions. If you think you might need a little more help through the process, this option is available for $697. This again includes the course PLUS 2 group coaching sessions that we will schedule strategically after you get started and then about a month later.

In case you have more questions, I am offering a free live workshop today and tomorrow where I’ll be talking more about the course and answering questions. In case you missed the chance to sign up for this event, you can do so right here!



I’ll be presenting the same content for both sessions. There’s one today at 5pm pacific time and one tomorrow at 11am pacific time. If you can’t make either, simply registering for the event will give you access to a replay link when it concludes.

I’d love to have you join! And you can ask questions here on the blog OR shoot me an email!

I’m really really excited about this course. I have poured myself into it for the last 4.5 months and am ready to help you get that garage organized this spring! I truly appreciate you allowing me to share this with you today and hope you’ll join me in Trust The Process!

TOGETHER we can do this!

See you there!!



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