Simply Done: First Time Installing Garage+ by Elfa

May 6

It’s no surprise that Elfa PLUS a garage is one of my favorite combos in a project. I LOVE working in garages. And I love the Elfa product for the many ways it can improve your garage space.

Last year, when I discovered The Container Store was designing a new garage storage system, I could not wait to see it! And install our first one.

If you didn’t know, TCS designed a new set-up by Elfa…it’s called Garage+. You now have the option of adding cabinets and lighting. They have some of the same elements as their classic Elfa, like drawers, a work surface and shelving. But the big improvement to the product line is the addition of cabinets and lighting. And a larger pegboard system and some accessory elements, too.

( Garage+ )

I was anxious to have our first family in need of a garage project requiring Elfa and it happened this Winter.

It takes a lot to wow me, so I can say I was totally WOW’d by this updated product line! The material feels lighter, yet it’s beautiful and the touch is matte. As I worked my way through each wall, I fell deeper in love. Honestly. It matters to me when the product we install is top-notch and while Classic Elfa was great, this is SO MUCH BETTER!!


This family recently moved into a home and renovated a fair amount of it. We helped them unpack a bit the week of Thanksgiving and once they got through their first holiday season and settled in, they reached out to finally get the garage pulled together.

You can see I was working with a blank slate. And with their pretty garage floor, I was so excited to see the color combo.


Starting with the wall near the door to the house, they wanted a “mudroom” design that I typically create for this zone …

( hooks | shelves )

There’s plenty of shelves to get the shoes off the floor and hooks for the bags to hang.

On the back wall, next to the workout area, they wanted a basic shelving set-up…

My very favorite wall was the workspace!…

( Garage+ )

Two of my team members were with me on this project and we installed this wall together, as the clock was ticking a bit and the weather was heating up. My team is very familiar with Elfa and this was a new product to them as well. There wasn’t a huge learning curve to installing…and I thought there may be because the drawer mechanics are a bit different, and the pegboard panels are different too. But it was SO EASY!




Look at this gorgeous, spacious workspace…

At first I thought the front of the drawers were damaged, but as we continued installing, I realized it was meant to look worn in this way. Sort of a marbled effect. And I LOVE it!!! Gives it something more.

On the final section of wall that remained, they wanted their golf bags off the floor. Garage+ offers new golf bag hooks so we wrapped this garage up with a bow by finishing it off with this small wall section…

( golf bag hooks )

Look at this garage! They can park inside and there’s a place for everything.

I’ve said this in here before, but a garage is all about the zones. And you can clearly see how I have defined them in this image…

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t wait to see the color combo of the flooring and Elfa. Looks SO pretty together!

I know you’re a visual…so you know I have a video of the installation for you! Here’s a video of the workspace being installed…

Since we’re talking about garages, I wanted to remind you that I just launched a digital course that’s available through May 14. In this course, I am teaching you my step-by-step process for taking that cluttered garage and turning it into your dream space. We’re covering so many topics and we’re discussing all of the wall systems options, including Garage+ by Elfa.

If you’d like to buy it before the cart closes next week, you can find it here!

This is a great gift for yourself this Spring as you work on your garage…or a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift!

Looking forward to more of these installs.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Back this week with more posts!!



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