My ebook Is Now Available On Amazon!

May 13

Happy Monday and I hope you enjoyed a special Mother’s Day weekend! I’ll share more about my weekend later. Have some other news to share as we kick off a new week…


My ebook is now available on Amazon!

Before I write more about how this happened and other details, if you are interested in grabbing it and not reading more chat, here it is in the Kindle Store!



For years I received emails and messages from people who wanted to get started as a professional organizer but didn’t know how. When I first started receiving this question (back in 2014ish), I would respond individually to every message. After a couple years, I had to create a drafted response. There were that many inquiries and I couldn’t keep up with everything else in my inbox.

That drafted response bugged me SO much. If you know me, you know I really try to go above and beyond to help anyone. The response felt impersonal, but we know we can not be everything to everyone. Therefore, I had to settle into the idea that I was at least responding (even if it was a drafted response) to give myself some peace. To know I was trying.

I did know that one day I hoped to have the time to write an ebook on the topic.

Hi…lockdown has entered the chat.

With our time at home during the pandemic, I was able to work on items merely written on my dream to-do list. You know, those items or tasks or updates or business ideas you can’t get done because there’s not enough hours in a day, week, month or year? But you write them down with hopes of getting to them “one day”?

Well, being home during a lockdown gave me plenty of time to complete a few of those. And the ebook writing and design was one!

After writing the book contents, I hired a designer to make it beautiful! And I recently updated the contents AND the images.

Since writing the book in 2020, I went on to become a CPO® and now have several more ideas, projects and photos to share. So it’s been updated for 2024!

This 70+ page ebook is filled with great info if you would love to get started in this field but aren’t sure how. Inside you will find these chapters:

My Story

Your Story

Time to Take Action

Finding Your Niche

Who is Your Client? What is Their Paint Point?

Goal Setting

Listening Skills


Setting Client Expectations

…and more!!

PLUS a FREE Bonus!

Additionally, I am offering a FREE bonus for you – the exact “How We Work” document that I use in my own business. I’ve created a Canva template that you can download and edit to match your own branding or verbiage. Totally free when you buy the book AND the book is priced at only $37!

If you’d like the downloadable and printable full-color version you can grab it here.


OR if you like reading books on your Kindle

…you can now grab it on Amazon!

A couple weeks ago, it dawned on me that the book could be re-formatted, submitted and considered as an ebook on Amazon. I did just that and received confirmation a couple days ago that it was approved. So you can now purchase it on Amazon for only $9.99 if you prefer to have a digital version on your Kindle




This version is only text and without images, but still includes a link to the bonus.

Very excited and grateful for this opportunity.

With more to come!

The thing about getting started in this field…you kinda just have to get started. There’s a lot of resources in the book about communities you can join and other strategies if you aren’t as daring as I was…I jumped in feet first without knowing anything or having a community to surround me. And I think I turned out ok. But if you are not as risky, I’d love to help you NOT experience some of my mistakes by sharing helpful tips and info. It’s all in the book!

Excited for a new week…see you later with more!



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