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Nov 8

…with a shared online family calendar!

in the last few months, our family calendar has been out of control – in a good way. but staying on top of our schedule has made my head spin. in addition to our school activities and school projects to stay on top of, my oldest child has a sports schedule, my middle child has a therapy schedule (speech and OT), and our youngest child has tumbling classes and library days….add in our church schedule, birthday parties, family visiting for the holidays, doctor appointments…..and then there is my husband’s travel schedule….and my schedule.


in the past i had been using our iCal program on our iMac. it was an awesome calendar, but the issue i had was the inability to share that calendar with my husband. he isn’t connected to a computer that allows us to share that calendar/info. another big issue with iCal was the way it synced with my iPhone. many events were duplicated when i viewed the calendar on my phone and that was a big annoyance to me.

furthermore, in order to keep each other on the same page, my husband and i would send each other these lengthy e-mails with important dates and appointments. this not only took our precious time to write up those e-mails for one another, but then we had to enter the other persons’ dates into our own calendars. talk about a time waster!

not anymore!

enter cozi… their website says “bye bye chaos. hello coordinated.”.

and boy, are they spot on!

this FREE online family calendar (and MUCH more) has simplified our life so much. thank you, cozi! i need more simplicity around here!

i just signed up for the free account, added my husband’s e-mail address (so he can access our calendar from anywhere), and added other family member’s names and all of our events, birthdays, appointments, etc. now when my husband looks at our family calendar, he knows exactly what i am doing with the kids that day. and now i know when he won’t be home for dinner because he is meeting with customers.

the site offers so much more than this great calendar – so head over there to check it out! i guarantee you’re going to love it!

and they have an app too!

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  1. sumike says:

    We love using cozi. Not only the calendar but also for our shopping list. Travis can add something that he needs while I'm at the store & I keep it updated on the go.

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