office closet sneak peak!

Nov 9

*sigh* i definitely have my work cut out [read: putting everything away], but i am SO beyond excited about the end result of my office closet shelving!

i’ll have the full rundown with loads of pictures in the coming week, but because i’m too excited not to share the dramatic difference when you utilize your vertical space… are a couple photos from my before post:

here is the closet empty….

i love a blank canvas!….

and are you ready for the after?……


oh my heavens above!….the amount of storage we have created for ourselves?? it’s endless!

needless to say, i am chomping at the bit to get all of our stuff put away in there and looking pretty….and most of all = functional and EASY to get my hands on when i need it.

stay tuned for the final result of this closet space. i’ll be spending every spare moment i can find putting things away and creating my little space in this house that is *all* mine.

ooohhh, are you wondering exactly where everything is right now? have a look at this….

i know! the insides of the closet have taken over our office. my husband is anxiously awaiting the conclusion of this project – to say it lightly. ha! like i said, i have my work cut out. but this is exactly what i LOVE doing. organizing is a total passion for me – so this equates to nothing but fun for this lady!


my dad was such a HUGE help this last week/weekend. we spent each day tackling a few home projects until the list was done. of course, i have some follow up projects to do, but those will all happen in time….and will be much easier with having had his help.

here is the list of what we accomplished…..

*hanging office closet shelving
*fixed front door lock
*replaced various lightbulbs throughout the house – mainly those too high for me to reach
*hung ledges and photos around the house
*fixed foam seal around a patio door
*fixed a bathroom door hinge – the door was actually falling out of the frame!
*re-arranged kids tv room – moved tv, added an extended cable so we could move tv, nailed down new cable
*replaced some light switch plates
*spackled walls that need touch-ups – sadly, there were a lot of those!
*replaced all doorstops throughout the house – we used to have spring door stops, but we needed solids
*took down Halloween decorations and put bins under the house
*replaced door knob for door to the garage – now it locks
*fixed a knob on our living room tv stand
*went through all of the paint under the house – pulled out paint to be (responsibly) thrown away, pulled out everything under the house (all of the holiday decoration bins, seasonal outdoor toys, etc), swept entire area, replaced everything in a more organized fashion. this space looks amazing now and i promise to share pics soon!
*re-grouted a few areas in the kitchen and bathrooms
*fixed several towel hooks

….you catch my drift here! but what is so amazing is what we were able to knock off of my home project to-do list. these are not very exciting things (with the exception of the office closet shelving, of course), but these were things that had to be done. and it feels SO good knowing they are done.

thank you, dad!!!

and now, my jobs to follow up on since he helped me….

*touch-up spackled niks around the house – i’m going to do this little by little each day. we have various colors to touch-up….the main job is going to be touching up the pink playhouse and cabin in our playroom.
*organize the office closet

off to work in the closet! 😉

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