a place of honor

Nov 11

remember when i said i would tell you exactly what is inside this box?….

totally embarrassed to say this, but the box had been living on a shelf in our garage for 4 years.

while cleaning up the garage, i finally pulled it down with plans to give it a new home….

ooops, i guess that photo above gave it away, if you haven’t already guessed. 😉

it’s my wedding gown!

something as special as this deserves to be in a place of honor in our home – as opposed to living in our dirty, dusty, temperature-changing, buggy garage. i have always wanted to open the box too. a few years ago it occurred to me “what if my wedding gown isn’t in that box? what if after all these years someone else’s wedding gown is in there?”.

well, today i was going to finally get the answer to that question. i brought the box inside – and i think i actually heard the box let out a sigh of relief and smile…..i unwrapped the box from it’s dirty plastic wrap…

and opened the lid to find this beautiful gold box inside! wow!….it’s like an early Christmas for me!…

under the top gold cardboard cover is the actual lid for the box…

…with a beautiful note….

all this time?….i had no idea what a beautiful box was hidden inside!

and when i finally opened the box…..i was overwhelmed with happy memories….

there it was….my wedding gown – from nearly 9 years ago. the waistline is what totally sold me on this dress….


happy happy memories, my friends.

once i saw the dress, it was only natural that i pull out my wedding proof albums….which i had found during my office closet re-org. i sat alone for 30 minutes looking through the photos from our wedding day. i know this is so cliche, but it seems like we got married a few months ago. and yet here we are having been married almost 9 years and we have 3 wonderful children.

time really flies when you’re having fun….or staying busy with kids.

am feeling very lucky and thankful to have such a wonderful husband. a husband who loves me no matter how neurotic i am with my home org projects (or the many other things i’m neurotic about – ha!). a husband who blessed me with 3 beautiful children. a husband that works hard everyday so i can stay home with our children. a husband who makes me strive to be a better person.

here are some photos from our wedding day….one of the only days in my life that i loved my hair…

my wedding gown – again, i loved that waistline…

and i love the back too!…

and my bouquet…

oooooooooo, and our cake!!!…


see what is possible when you give items like your wedding gown or wedding photos a place of honor in your home? you are able to quickly access those special memories…and re-live them all over again…whenever you wish….

as for my wedding gown? it’s no longer hiding away in the garage. it’s living happily ever after on the top shelf in our new office closet.
can’t you see it smiling up there?

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