15 or less: game/dress-up closet & Lego’s

Nov 14

happy monday, friends! hope your weekend was great!

our family had a wonderful weekend! we didn’t have pressing appointments, or a sports schedule to keep up with, or family in town – just a nice, quiet, family-oriented weekend. we spent a lot of our time playing outside…in our ever-changing, crazy fall weather. it was (and still is) super windy, but it’s SO unseasonably warm. today? a high of 82! tomorrow? high of 73. then the cold front comes through and we’re back down in the 50s. it’s been interesting trying to keep up with the weather. this week, one of my one-a-day’s was to go through each of the kids closets to purge summer and get ready for winter…but with this odd weather, it will be put off until next week – maybe?? we’ll see what mother nature has in store next week. 😉

anyway, this weekend we either played outside or in the playroom. i’ve shared a bit about our playroom in recent posts. we absolutely love this space in our home and spend plenty of time enjoying it. however, our playroom has some very odd angles to work with. the room is oversized and (i think) was intended to be an attic (we purchased the house already built, so i have no idea what the builder had in mind – but we saw *playroom*!).

while the kids played in the playroom this weekend, i completed a few 15 or less projects.

i figured it would be a good time to re-organize one of the 2 closets up there. this one…(in this photo you can see just a few of the odd angles)…

much like the other closet and spaces up here, this closet has an odd shape – which makes creating smart storage a tough issue. here is the inside…
see what i mean about the odd wall shapes?
on the other side of the closet is 2 small, very shallow shelves and 2 hanging bars. we intended on this being a little dress-up nook for the kids…but the games slowly took over….

as well as our Thomas Train bins, and Duplo block bin…

after the big office closet re-org, i had just the spot/idea for one of the two black shelves that needed a new purpose. this one….

i had hopes the shelf would fit inside the soon-to-be game/dress-up closet….and it did!…

it fits perfectly right along that odd shaped wall! what are the chances of that happening? again, i love being able to re-purpose storage bins and shelving!

once i fit in the shelf along the wall, i started adding our games and puzzles…

looking good!

then i tore apart the other side of the closet. i was focused on finally creating the dress-up closet we had always intended this space to be. our kids love playing dress-up…it’s not only a Halloween event around here. so i tracked down our 3 bins of dress up clothes and accessories that had previously been living in the attic – how sad is that?…

and started hanging up the costumes on the bottom rack…that way the kids could easily access them…

and here they are….so happy to be breathing in fresh air outside of those storage bins. these are surely going to get a lot of love in the coming winter months!

just above the costumes, i added one bin of dress-up accessories. this would include hats, masks, bandana’s, necklaces, glasses, aprons, random costume accessories like police badges, etc….

the bin to the left is our one bin of chunky Duplo blocks.

yay! we finally have a dress-up closet…that will double as a game and puzzle storage space!

after finishing the closet, i realized we now had new bins to re-purpose in the house. this being one of them…

this 3-drawer rolling bin used to house coloring items. if you didn’t see my kids caddy project a few weeks back, here it is. i moved all of our coloring items to their new space (in the kitchen desk nook) – which means this piece was now free for another project/storage idea.

sooooooo, what did i do with that? can you guess?…

i changed out the scattered Lego bins and put them all into this one 3-drawer rolling cart. the boys immediately approved! at some point soon, i’m planning to get smaller bins to put inside the rolling cart. not sure how we’ll separate the Lego’s, but i will definitely ask the boys for input on that, because they will need to help me stay on top of keeping the bin organized!

this came as a bit of a surprise….after all i did in the new game/dress-up closet, take a look at all of the newly emptied bins i have for re-purposing! wow!…

it’s quite the tower of storage…and i see endless possibilities in re-purposing these. and i have already found a spot for several. stay tuned to see what i did with those. 😉
did you do any organizing this weekend?
(i linked up with Thrifty Decor Chick)

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