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As a professional organizer, I’ve worked in hundreds of closets – all shapes and sizes. I’ve re-built or edited an existing closet, designed and installed custom closet systems, brought in product, removed product and a lot more. But at the very foundation – the core of it all – I want to make something very […]

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5 Items To Remove From Your Closet Today To Create More Space

April 25, 2020


The challenging spaces continue to roll in and your girl couldn’t be happier! My head hurts sometimes because we are truly problem-solving day in and day out. But I seriously LIVE for this stuff. LOVE these types of projects because the updates involve little to NO organizing products. All that’s required is tweaking the space […]

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Simply Done: How To Simply Update A Small Master Closet

February 17, 2019


You’ve had a peek into some seriously beautiful women’s closets here on the blog, but what about those guys? Men’s closets are such a treat to organize because, in my professional experience, these spaces aren’t overcrowded and only contain the necessary / basics. In general, the men who have hired me are pretty ruthless about […]

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A Simply Organized Men’s Closet with The Laundress

October 30, 2018


A tutorial is coming soon about my new love affair with AirDrop. You guys, this is changing everything for me. If only you could take a peek into my iPhone photo app. Ha! It’s full of cluttered and beautiful images. Always interesting when someone asks to see a photo of my kids or a girls […]

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Simply Done: Small Projects with A Big Impact

Small Projects with a Big Impact

August 21, 2017


In my professional organizing career, I’ve taken on several spaces in which Elfa was the perfect solution to the problem. But last week, with the help of my local Container Store install team, we knocked out what is certainly The Ultimate Elfa Closet Transformation in my portfolio. What made it the ultimate? I can’t believe this before / […]

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Simply Done: The Ultimate Elfa Closet Transformation

Samantha Professional Organized Behind Simply Organized

April 8, 2017


Not every client project you see around here is on a grand scale. There are actually many small scale projects I complete that make just as significant an impact. I thought I would share a few of those to give you an example of how little updates in organization around your home make all the […]

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Simply Done: Small Scale Projects With A Big Impact

Simply Done: Small Scale Projects With A Big Impact

March 9, 2017



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