Simply Done: Small Projects with A Big Impact

Aug 21

A tutorial is coming soon about my new love affair with AirDrop. You guys, this is changing everything for me. If only you could take a peek into my iPhone photo app. Ha! It’s full of cluttered and beautiful images. Always interesting when someone asks to see a photo of my kids or a girls night out or something. I have to scroll and scroll to get to those. (And I hide my phone to keep it confidential) I’ve been spending a lot of time uploading images off my phone and onto the computer. AirDrop has made this so easy and seamless. Hoping to have a tutorial up this week for you guys.

Reason I mention AirDrop is because in the process of uploading photos I discovered lots of projects I have yet to share. Many of them are small (yet still important and respectable) and seemed more appropriate to be grouped together. Which is what I’m up to today in this post. You’re going to see the before / after of several spaces.

So let’s get to it!


This sweet tween had a variety of items in her closet. Everything from clothes to books to journals to trophies.

Side note: Personally, I loved their idea of adding a bathroom caddy in her room. You’ll see it sitting on a shelf, lower right. They have a small bathroom the kids share. Instead of storing bathroom supplies in the bathroom, each kiddo has a caddy. Just grab and go in the morning to get ready.

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Her closet wasn’t in terrible shape by any means. But she needed it to function better in order to hold more clothing. After measuring the mid-section of shelves, I realized the Elfa drawers would fit perfectly. And mom was going for something on a budget, so a closet tear down was out of the question. And honestly, not at all necessary…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

( mesh bins | mesh bin dividers | mesh bin labels | white plastic bins )

The bins in the middle contain socks, tanks, sweaters and more. Elfa even offer dividers which I used in the bins as well. I re-purposed her white plastic bins for the side shelves. Just a small tweak made all the difference for her!


The two brothers sharing this room also have a couple dressers. Most of the clothing is in those as well as contained in the drawers you see in this closet. Moms issue was all the books and toys scattered around the room. The issue was easily solved with a few bins and some order in the placement. They can now reach what is deemed ok by mom and have to ask for the items up higher. Love the way it turned out and how happy the boys were with the result!

Small Projects with a Big Impact

( gray bins | bamboo lids | clear bins | similar striped tote )


I always love a day in the city especially when I have the pleasure of troubleshooting an awkward space like this…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Those angles!

This space is to the left of a brand new renovated family bathroom. This sweet family of 5 did a huge renovation of their beautiful SF home. The interior designer (whom I have grown to love and work with quite often) referred me in after this little space was carved out (literally) as a potential overflow pantry. The new bathroom required taking some of the space from this closet, so we were left with some severe angles to figure around.

After going over some suggestions / ideas, we decided Elfa would be the best option. To have anything custom built (for example, from my closet contractor), would cost quite a bit. Once you go through a kitchen and bathroom renovation, the last thing you want is another huge contractor bill. Elfa came in on budget and we were able to create a small overflow pantry to contain large but not often used appliances, platters, and some foods they can grab when needed.

Small Projects with a Big Impact


I see some interesting conundrums in this job. Bring it! Because you know I am all about getting it “done”.

For some reason, whomever installed this closet system for this family didn’t plan on the little boy eventually growing up and using adult sized hangers. Unfortunately, this meant we had to move the location of the hanging rod to accommodate the hangers…AND to be able to close the closet doors. Because yes, they couldn’t close the doors with the new hangers in here…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Easy fix! We drilled new holes, moved the rod back further and all is well in this closet again…along with some organization to kick off his summer (this project was back before the school year even ended!). Most importantly, they can now close those beautiful doors!…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Small Projects with a Big Impact

I also tidied his desk, which he was happy to not work at again until the school year…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

( clear drawers | pencil holder | bulletin board )


Little sister (of the above boys closet) was also in need of closet updating. She has a spacious set of 2 closets with sliders. She is only using 1 side of the closet and the goal was to get her stuff into the closet and adjacent dresser. Mom also wanted to get the toys and books up off the floor.

Problem here is she was missing shelves on this side. We cut down some shelves to match the system to create more space…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

If you own a closet with a lot of hanging space, which was the case here – this section was intended to be all hanging – you can remove the rods and add shelves. Easy!

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Her drawers got a refresh, which mom was very excited about! She puts away the clothes in here…

Small Projects with a Big Impact

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few smaller scale projects from the last several months. I have a few large scale client projects coming to the blog soon!…and especially because I am obsessed with AirDrop and getting those images off my phone!

Hope you’re having a great start to your week everyone!


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