Simply Done: Small Scale Projects With A Big Impact

Mar 9

Not every client project you see around here is on a grand scale. There are actually many small scale projects I complete that make just as significant an impact. I thought I would share a few of those to give you an example of how little updates in organization around your home make all the difference!

Simply Done: Small Scale Projects With A Big Impact

You may recall this absolutely stunning pantry I organized last year…

Pantry Organization

It’s still one of my favorites of all time, but are you surprised? While a big impact was made in regards to their actual pantry organization, mom wanted to get the brooms up off the floor. Previously, they were tucked behind the pantry door. So one morning I popped over for 20 minutes to hang my go-to utility organizer!

My favorite utility organizer from Simply Organized

My favorite utility organizer from Simply Organized

( utility organizer )

Garage Project

You may recognize this one from the garage project I worked on recently.

It really is my favorite product for getting brooms and mops up off the floor. It doesn’t hurt that it’s very easy to install, too!

Closet Organization

I recently helped a very sweet family get a bit more settled in a rental home. They sold their home and are remodeling a new one, so in the meantime, they’re living in a rental. They were more than happy to edit a few spaces to make it work temporarily for them. This is their current type of master closet. Since they will be here for about a year, mom wanted to be able to still see everything. She’ll be living here for all 4 seasons, so that makes sense. Her sweet husband actually tracked down these great standing shoe racks for her. What a guy!

Simply Organized reach in closet with modular pieces

( shoe racks )

These were easy to assemble and are working very well to give her that extra space she needs. Here’s a fun before and after for you!

Simply Organized reach in closet with modular pieces

This above before / after is a perfect example that getting organized doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We purchased a simple shoe organizer, but otherwise that’s it. The clothing is organized by color, we used the top shelf to compartmentalize sweaters, and shoes are below. Easy breezy! And a big impact!

Pantry Organization

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a long time blog reader! So crazy to me how these things come together. Yes, they happen more than once! Just yesterday I consulted with the most adorable new mother who has been following my Instagram feed for well over a year. It’s a total honor to meet these wonderful friends in person! And her baby…. I seriously almost took him! He was perfect and tiny! #babyfever

Anyway, they are renovating their kitchen and it is seriously TO DIE FOR. I can’t wait to share the after with you! She promised I could come back to take a peek. They haven’t even installed the appliances, yet she had me out for a morning to help with her reach-in pantry. I love these proactive types!

A Simply Organized Reach In Pantry

( jars | containers | cereal containers | handled baskets | canned food organizers | white baskets | labels | clear bins )

We had the best time walking down memory lane on the blog – she reminded me of things I had forgotten. We cleared the contents, cleaned the shelves, I adjusted the shelving, and then we used her current containment to put it all away. I somehow had the perfect amount of chalk labels in my truck from a previous project, so we slapped on a few of those to bring it all together. Such a fun morning with a big impact made in just 2 hours time!

Design Work

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have noticed I’ve been slammed with more design work than actual hands-on organizing. I’m looking forward to a bit more balance in the coming weeks because I’m itching to dig into a space and not just conceptualize! The pick up in design work is because I have a few custom closets in the pipeline and the Elfa sale was going strong through the end of February. Be prepared for some very, very awesome Elfa after’s!!! They are all set for install before the end of the month and I can’t wait to share each and every space with you!

Mudroom Space

One of the spaces that I recently installed, however, is another little garage mudroom wall.

Garage Mudroom Wall by Simply Organized

( elfa system | bins )

This precious family of 4 doesn’t have a landing spot inside the house. The door you see leads directly to the kitchen. On the left is their kitchen table, to the right is their dining room table and their kitchen doesn’t offer much counter space. The option that made the most sense was to create a new landing spot just outside the door. Dad was particularly annoyed with the piles of stuff dropped here and there, but Not anymore, daddy-o!

You guys know I love a good garage mudroom! And this little version is perfect!

We created a spot for sports bags as well as their backpacks (not pictured because they were at school when this was installed), each of them has a bin for homework / supplies, there’s a bin for the dog’s leashes and gear, and even room to spare. This little system made a significant and immediate impact!

These are just a few examples of recent smaller projects with a goal to inspire you. Just a few hours is all you need to update a space or fix an annoying problem. Look forward to sharing more of these with you soon!

Happy organizing, friends!

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  1. mintyfrosting says:

    You’ve inspired me to organize my closet by color…it just looks neater!


  2. Pamela says:

    I’ll have to live vicariously through your pantry organization because ours is to tiny it’s always jam packed. It’s funny how such nice clean pictures of other people’s houses can give you some peace of mind. Thanks for sharing!

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