Simply Done: The Ultimate Pantry

Nov 9

Ultimate. A strong word indeed. But if I had to choose a pantry design for my own home, this would likely be the one. I’ve worked within many pantry designs over the years and as far as I’m concerned, this is pretty darn amazing. Of course, last week I organized another pantry and that one is pretty sweet too.

I had the total pleasure of getting lost in this space and re-organizing it for one adorable mom.

The Ultimate Pantry

Just take that in for a second.


This sweet family recently renovated their entire home. I wish and hope one day down the road I can share a bit more of her home design. When I visited with mom for the consult, there were no words. Seriously. This home is *that* stunning. Grateful she reached out to me for the help because I look forward to also organizing their playroom, master closet and children’s closets. They already have gorgeous closet systems in place (designed by a local company called Valet Closets), so it will come down to some simple edits and re-organizing.

Anyway, back to this pantry!

The Ultimate Pantry

( baskets / labels / shallow divided bins )

Since their pantry has loads of space, my goal was the maintain that. Just because you have the space, doesn’t mean you need to fill it to capacity.

The Ultimate Pantry

( tall clear containers / turntable )

For open spaces like this, it’s a matter of breaking it down into zones. And adding the right containment that should work perfectly for this family and their habits.

The Ultimate Pantry

( cereal containers / shelf risers )

Simple containment that allows her to see and find it all, but also easily sort out and unpack those grocery bags.

The Ultimate Pantry

Which, by the way, conveniently fit in the tall cubbies up high seen here…

The Ultimate Pantry

( bamboo turntable / deep divided bins )

Those tall cubbies may have been intended for vases or baking sheets. But her kitchen has more than enough room to store those items. She was thrilled to have a spot to store her collection of paper and re-useable bags. Previously, they were shoved into a bottom shelf in here. We also found a spot for those overflow paper towels too.

The Ultimate Pantry

Each pantry I organize is completed with a LOT of thought into requests / challenges the family mentioned during the consult as well as what appears to already be natural habits. There’s a balance in each project.

Mom really wanted a spot for all of the baby food / baby snacks. There is now one dedicated shelf for the baby. The shelves below are snacks for school lunches and a spot where the boys can grab their own snacks.

The Ultimate Pantry

Everything was labeled simply to keep it in order and remove any guesswork about what goes where. If you see any products here that resonate and believe they would work well for you and your family, you can shop this post right here…


Happy pantry organizing!


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