Simply Done: A Dream Pantry

Nov 14

Been working in some incredible pantries this Fall. And much like those who came before, this one does not disappoint!

organized pantry by simply organized

( white taper bin / chalkboard label / chalk pen )

I mean….


This precious family renovated their kitchen, which in and of itself is all to die for. But her contractor took it a step further. He created a dream pantry that includes a marble countertop and outlets. Yes please and thank you very much!

organized pantry by simply organized

( anchor glass jars / coffee mug / turntable )

Not only did this create more room for pantry food in general, but also a spot for the toaster, blender, crock pot, coffee maker, waffle iron and wine preserver. Outlets for everything. Freeing up even more space in their stunning kitchen.

organized pantry by simply organized

( hermetic storage jar / cereal container )

I couldn’t wait to get in here to organize this space for her. She really wanted as much glass containment as possible and loves the anchor jars from Target. She also wanted a lot of open white bins with labels so that food categories could easily live together, be hidden but still “visible” to her. They have 3 young children and, like most families, they eat the same things day in and day out. It’s easy to organize a pantry for children because they are creatures of habit when it comes to their diet.

organized pantry by simply organized

I had so much fun using the anchor jars for packets of oatmeal, granola bars, coffee pods, seasoning packets and squeeze pouches. Will never tire of that clear containment that doesn’t require a label.

dream pantry organized by simply organized

Since they have a toddler, on the lower shelves I kept it safe by adding just her cookbook library and her rolls of trash bags…

dream pantry organized by simply organized

Her trash bag rolls fit perfectly into a simple open topped bin for ease of grabbing…which is a step up from the eye sore of a Costco box…

dream pantry organized by simply organized

dream pantry organized by simply organized

( canned food riser )

Such a fun project! For the most adorable little family of 5 + pets.

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Happy pantry organizing!

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  1. That’s really pretty! Simple, but functional and pretty! ☺ Pinning!

  2. Ahnna says:

    Where’d you get the basket that the garbage bags are in? I need that. 🙂

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