Simply Done: How To Simply Update A Small Master Closet

Feb 17

The challenging spaces continue to roll in and your girl couldn’t be happier! My head hurts sometimes because we are truly problem-solving day in and day out. But I seriously LIVE for this stuff. LOVE these types of projects because the updates involve little to NO organizing products. All that’s required is tweaking the space with what’s on hand or cutting new shelves.

We recently completed a garage declutter for this ADORABLE family of 5. You’ll see that transformation soon once phase 2 is complete. But while we wait on garage shelving, the next project on their hit list was their small and simple walk-in master closet…

The closet is situated at the far end of their master bathroom. These 2 love birds have done an incredible job keeping their wardrobes to a minimum in order to fit in here together. Me and my assistant could barely fit in here together… but we make it work! We get veeeeeery cozy!

Right off the bat I knew exactly what would solve this corner issue…a few shelf cuts. They needed more shelving for shoes, hats and folded clothing. Look at all the wasted space…

And what was going on here? That huge gaping hole kept me up at night until we solved it last week…

With just 6 shelf cuts and a few bins to make better use of the space up top, we re-organized and they couldn’t be happier with the result!

Look at all this new space!…

A space for neatly placed shoes, folded sweaters, pants and shorts…

To make the most of the available hanging space vs shelving, we removed sweaters from hangers and folded them neatly. This also keeps your sweaters from getting stretched out.

We re-organized their hanging clothing as well – his up top and hers on the bottom…

No new hangers…just used the original white plastic guys.

The final change and big impact came right here…

Seriously. This is what I was dreaming about for weeks until we got in here. The opening is pretty deep – about 22″. There weren’t shelf peg holes so we drilled those into place, added 2 huge shelves and now they have so much more room…

I added their hat collection, her scarves and we prettied up their counter space…Oh!…and the SF Giants hats are front and center, of course!…

It was a tight space to photograph, but you can sorta see how I displayed a few of her high-end handbags up top as well, keeping them in their dust covers…

We were so excited with the outcome. Again, only 6 shelves added the extra breathing room they were desperate for.

My pro tip for you – think bigger than organizing solutions when trying to solve a small space problem. Look at your existing space to consider if additional shelving might be the answer to your issues. It only cost about $50 for all 6 shelves + pegs! Cost-effective and looks so beautiful in here!

We have another small walk-in closet with a similar issue coming up this week – can’t wait to share that as well!

Hope you guys are having a great long weekend! I’m sticking around town working on client projects, blog writing and BTS updates…and getting in a little special time with my 3 babes.

Back soon!



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  1. Rachel says:

    Hello! Where did you purchase these shelves? We’re looking for a simple solution for our 5×5 walk in closet and this could fit the bill. Thanks!

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