office closet: the final reveal!

Nov 16

weeeeelllll, i guess my saying “final reveal” is pushing it juuuuust a bit. sure, the closet is installed and everything is put away. but i am far from having all of my little goodies stored away in a pretty fashion – be warned: you will see excess boxes and bins. not getting down on myself about that…i know that will all happen in good time. every major project needs a little fine tuning after the fact.
i am just too excited not to share how it looks after everything was placed back inside.
and i can.not.wait to get in there and get to work on the fun projects i have planned!
already i can tell the closet is going to simplify my life in many ways. funny how shelving can do that…but it is SO true. utilizing all of that vertical space in here – it’s allowed me to put away the items i don’t need easy access to and put in view what i clearly need access to.
(a quick side note – yes, i do get easily distracted!  – all of the amazing photos i have taken? i can finally get to all of them. all of the fun scrapbooking supplies i’ve invested in, but haven’t had the time to work with because i’m so busy loving on my children? now i can see everything. 
i don’t mind one bit being so woefully far behind in scrapbooking or putting our photos into albums. all i see is the sheer volume of photos i have taken over the years and know i am present in the lives of my children….and that satisfies my soul. the books will get done. eventually they will be complete, but one day my kids won’t be so little anymore….and i don’t want to miss out on any single second of anything!)
ok, ok – enough of my blathering. let’s get to the photos, right?…..and, i’ll be honest, there is a lot of them so i hope your computer can handle it! 😉 hope you don’t mind seeing all of these. this blog is a way for me to not only keep a personal journal of my organization projects, but i also want to help you understand how i did the job…in case you should decide to hop on board and do it too!
ooooo-kay….again, here is the before….

seeing the before photos totally boggles my mind. how did i ever get to anything in that chaos?

here we are at the empty stage…

and everything taking respite in our office…




yup – there was a lot of stuff crammed in there!

my sweet dad making the first drill hole into the wall….so exciting!…


with The Container Store elfa shelving, the most important component is this horizontal piece. this piece is what holds up your vertical bars and all of the shelving you choose to hang from it. it’s crucial to get this piece hung correctly AND straight across. we spent a lot of time double checking with a level…

once that horizontal bar was in place, we added the vertical bars and the top shelf…



next up was adding this great little feature, which as a matter of fact, i knew nothing about when i placed the shelving order. as i was going through the shelving pieces, i noticed these long 2′ bendable plastic strips. not having a clue what they were for, i read the instruction sheet and learned they are for covering the screws on that long horizontal bar. if you look at the photo above and then the photo below, you will understand what i’m talking about…


doesn’t it make the bar look cleaner? i love that feature of this shelving!!

after the full top shelf was in, we got the full bottom shelf installed too…

top and bottom shelves in…

now it’s time to fill in the blanks….which was super easy!…


it only took my dad and me a little under 90 minutes to install this system. once we got the hang of clicking the shelves into place on the vertical bars, we sped through the rest of the process. and we couldn’t have been happier with the results!

once the install was done, i spent the next several days figuring out how i wanted everything placed back into the closet. first up, my eBay shelf. i tried it this direction…

and this direction….

i decided to keep the black shelf facing the elfa shelving because it looked better to my eyes that way…and i would still have access to the small window.

then, i returned my small folding work table…

(notice the big empty wall above my work table? i’m on the lookout for a great vision board possibility. share if you have any ideas or suggestions for me!)

still have plenty of walking space in there…

next, i brought in a small folding chair and 2 rolling carts and placed those under my work table. those had been there before the closet re-org. since i already had everything organized inside each of those rolling carts (pens, scissors, envelopes, glue, etc) and would have everything at my fingertips while sitting, i figured it was easy enough to put them back where we started.

then i added all of my eBay items to its own shelf….along with all of my shipping supplies on the bottom shelves. SO happy to have one shelf in my closet dedicated to my eBay business. i am going to be even more efficient with this shelf in place!…


did you notice the 2 small black hanging baskets on the front of the eBay shelf? one of them holds tape and packing tape. the one above it holds our school box top paperwork…

finally it was time to put everything else back in. this took me a few days because i put things away and then sat on it for a day to see how it felt to me. a few times i went into the closet and realized the item i needed was up too high. or something i didn’t need was right in front of me – that got moved up to the top. and i needed more room on the bottom of the shelving for some bigger bins, so i (very easily) adjusted the bottom shelves up a few notches….

hey! i thought i was putting stuff away! why does my office look worse? haha!

so how does everything look in there today? i’ll let the following photos speak for themselves….
(sorry the font is small – looked bigger in photoshop. 
note taken and will make font much bigger next time!)
there you have it! that is the current state of our office closet. i am SO Soooooo pleased with the way it turned out and i can’t say enough great things about how easy the system was to configure and install. thank you Container Store!
(i linked up this project with Delightful Order)

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  1. Alissa says:

    All that shelving would be so handy. Good job.
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