recipe: easy slow-cooker enchiladas

Apr 12

surely i am not the only busy mother/woman running around all week like a crazy person (???), so i hope you too will appreciate this easy and yummy recipe i’m sharing today.
this is one of my go-to recipes i can fall back on when i’m in a pinch, having a rushed day, or don’t have much time to spend at the stove or counter. all of the ingredients are found weekly in my pantry/fridge. even if you don’t have all of the ingredients, this recipe is light on the pocketbook.
we have many nights when there is a sport practice/game or cub scout meeting or evenings when my husband is away on business – so i work hard to keep most of our recipes easy but healthy!
easy slow-cooker enchiladas.
just how easy?
first, all you need to do is combine a few simple ingredients in a large bowl…black beans, onions and enchilada sauce…

broil several corn tortillas…

chop up some chicken….or don’t add chicken if you’re a vegetarian. i’ve cooked this recipe with and without chicken – it’s delicious and filling either way. i happened to have leftover chicken from a weekend BBQ and wanted to use up what was leftover…

set up your assembly line and crock pot…

add the enchilada layers…

the last layer is a lot of cheese – my favorite part!…

wait 2 hours…and eat!…

easy and very yummy! we usually add a small side salad and top our serving with a bit of low-fat sour cream .. maybe a squeeze of lime juice and some tortilla chips on the side.



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  1. This looks delicious and so easy to make. I love crockpot recipes because they free you from being in the kitchen and do other things.
    Going to grab the recipe and try this next week. It is funny because today I posted a recipe about making Turkey Lasagna in the crockpot, stop by and check it out

  2. Nadia says:

    This does look yummy and easy thanks Sam!

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