simple solution: dish tab container

Apr 13

we keep very little under our kitchen sink…
most of our “dangerous” home cleaning items/products are located in the laundry room cabinets – high up and out of reach. however, keeping the dishwasher tabs under the kitchen sink makes the most sense because we usually run the dishwasher once every 1-2 days. i keep my small stockpile of dish tabs under the sink as well and keep only 1 package open at a time….


however, the problem was that our 2 year old would occasionally open that cabinet, pick up the opened dish tab package and play with tabs (create a tower or line them up). this caused a lot of issues in the kitchen because there is already so much to watch out for when it comes to little ones in that space. i wanted to make our life simpler because who likes always having to say “no”?
for the last few weeks i had been trying to figure out a better way to contain these tabs. i wanted to keep them within reach for me, but out of reach for her.
then i found the perfect solution…
it’s a container with a clasping lid that she can not open. trust me, i let her at it and she has not been able to figure it out.
i opened 2 packages of dish tabs, loaded them in and closed the lid…
a very simple solution to a big issue in our kitchen. these containers can be found in many stores, but i grabbed this one at walmart for under $8.
i’m a happy mommy!…

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  1. Claire says:

    Great solution! I was searching for a pretty way to store dish tabs a few months ago and couldn't find anything so I ended up decorating a can. I never even thought to look at lock-top jars! The paper is starting to come off the one I made so maybe it's time to switch out containers. Is this one glass or plastic? Just wondering if it would be something I could etch or if I would have to just decorate with vinyl πŸ™‚

    Claire @

    • Hi claire!

      I'm so glad this idea might work for you! This container is plastic and it's shatterproof, which was a big selling point for me with 3 little ones around. I found it at Walmart for $7.87. I found it in the home section and they had a big variety of these and other containers to choose from. They did have glass jars, which might work for your etching idea! πŸ™‚

      Hope that helps answer your questions!

      Samantha πŸ™‚

  2. Nadia says:

    Great idea I love that it is shatter-proof!

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