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Truth be told, not all professional organizers (ahem…this one) show up organized for a project. Do we aim for that goal every time? Absolutely. However, on occasion one may find herself running out of labeling tape on the job. Or with a dried out chalk pen. Or maybe even dead batteries in a laser measuring […]

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The Best Stackable Caddy Organizer

February 20, 2018


You know that thing you’ve been meaning to do for a while? That small task that should take only a few minutes, but for some reason you keep putting it off? Well, meet my little task…without judgement, please! Yes, that *was* my Mac keyboard. *i’m ashamed!* Notice I said “was”. Because right now, I’m blissfully […]

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How To Easily Clean A White Mac Keyboard

how to clean a white mac keyboard simply organized

January 6, 2018


Beyond excited to share this view with you… While the main portion of my home office is still under heavy consideration (can’t make up my mind – still), I’m beyond excited to have this beautiful shelf totally organized and decorated. I shared the drawer interiors not long ago… I was in desperate need of a […]

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Office Shelf Decor & Organization

office shelving and decor on simply organized

August 29, 2017


Every client and project gives me reason to pause in gratefulness. You have heard me tout this time and again, but it’s true. There will never be a day I don’t stop to completely absorb that feeling. Because Lord help me, the day I don’t feel that way, I have a serious problem. Ha! #noegosallowed […]

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Simply Done: The Most Beautiful Linen Closet

Organized Linen Closet by A Professional Organizer

June 11, 2017


This is a topic I’ve been hoping to write about, but thanks to the recent Like To Know It update – the timing couldn’t be better! You may have noticed on the navigation menu I have a shop page and a shop my IG page. If you didn’t notice, now you’re aware these features exist! Last week […]

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How To Easily Shop Simply Organized

Simply Organized Shop The Instagram Page

March 14, 2017


Garages. Quite literally one of my favorite spaces to dig into and organize. Over the years on the blog I’ve talked a lot about how a garage can transform a home and the way you live in it. Yes, not an interior room – a garage! If structured and organized properly, the space not only provides […]

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Simply Done: A Bright & Tidy Garage

A Bright & Beautiful Garage by Simply Organized

March 13, 2017



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