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Feb 20

Truth be told, not all professional organizers (ahem…this one) show up organized for a project. Do we aim for that goal every time? Absolutely. However, on occasion one may find herself running out of labeling tape on the job. Or with a dried out chalk pen. Or maybe even dead batteries in a laser measuring tape. Hmmm, sounds like someone has experienced these events? Yes, that would be yours truly.

Thanks to some serious growing pains (client list is currently off the charts – no complaints!), I’ve recently found myself on the job without back-up supplies. I’ve been running from job to job and wasn’t keeping an eye on my supplies. And when I ran out of labeling tape on 2 occasions in the last few weeks, I got focused and figured out my sh!t.

Meet my new labeling caddies…

( caddy | rug | boots )

Ahhhh, so so excited about these babies. And they will soon have more caddy friends joining the party in the trunk of my SUV because there are too many little things in my business that need to be contained and compartmentalized.

But let’s back up a moment…how was I rolling before these awesome caddies? I was using inexpensive $2 shoe box organizers from The Container Store…

Problem with this system was everything got jumbled together in the various boxes. With the daily hauling in and out of my truck along with my tool bags, the lids were cracking as well…

I knew there had to be a better system that would keep items separate but allow me to easily haul in / out of client’s homes. Meet the Deflecto Stackable Caddy Organizer!…

These caddies are sold individually, but the genius is that you can stack them!

Each caddy has a small, medium and large removable container…

The lids close securely with a snapping clip…

To connect caddies together, you just lift the gray clips in the handle and snap it onto the caddy above…

I gathered all of my labeling supplies and tucked them into the different compartments…

It’s easy to see what I’m low on. During my last trip to The Container Store I grabbed a lot of back-up tape so never again will I run into that mishap.

Besides rescuing this professional organizer, I can think of SO many ways this caddy will help my clients. Playrooms, home offices, craft rooms, and even my friends out there who love to plan / journal…this is the best system to keep everything organized. But more importantly – makes it easy to find your stuff and put it away too!

Couldn’t wait to get back to work this week with my new labeling caddies! Yay!


This caddy can be found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon too. But don’t forget that at Hobby Lobby you can use a 40% off coupon to save a lot on this system!

Good to be here today sharing a post with you guys. Missing you all!

Happy Organizing everyone!




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  1. Kristine says:

    So funny I was looking at these at Target last week! They looked like they would be winners but sadly had to pass them up for the time being but I now have a great suggested use for them! My labeling supplies are in multiple places at the moment and could use some organization. Thanks for the tip! Even better to get them 40% off! Thanks again, Sam!

  2. Becca says:

    Would you mind sharing what handheld labelers you use? I’m looking to purchase one, but there are so many options! Thanks!

  3. Kari Mason says:

    Thank you for your post. These caddies are such a great idea and will fit perfectly and keep everything organized in my trunk!

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