a new use for an old shelf

May 28

happy memorial day! 
hope you are enjoying the long weekend with your family and friends. we’re having a great weekend of pool time, BBQ’s, and play time with friends. with the relaxed weekend schedule, i haven’t been doing much organizing. having 3 kids home while i am doing anything organization related is counter-productive anyway. 🙂 so i might as well surrender and enjoy the long weekend with our family.
the weekend break has been nice though! i’m feeling refreshed and ready to work on some new projects!
one of those projects is this little cabinet in our master toilet room…

this cabinet in on the wall directly above our toilet. here is what it looked like inside just a few days ago…

this cabinet used to contain only our large bath towels, hand towels and a few extra rolls of toilet paper. but with my coupon shopping over the last year, i have built up quite the stockpile of bathroom/beauty supplies. the cabinet was pretty much bursting at the seams and we got to the point that our towel inventory wasn’t fitting inside anymore. that and the fear of what would fall out onto us when we opened the cabinet doors – ha! – means it was time to re-organize.

it may not look like it, but these cabinets are deep and there is quite a bit of product hiding away inside. i’ll take a picture of the contents when i completely empty the cabinet while organizing so you can see just what i have stockpiled over the last year. let’s just say we are good with toothpaste and razors for quite a while. 🙂

i wanted to figure out a solution for this cabinet and have some ideas, but it’s going to cost a bit of money. so i found a temporary fix. we have had this little shelf for a long time. it could use a little tlc and i have plans to paint it at some point – maybe when the kids are back in school this fall??…

i placed it in our master bathroom space right in between the large window. then i removed all of the towels from the cabinet and placed them on the shelf…

i have to say, this little change is for the best anyway – these towels are in a much better spot to grab when needed. and we like the way the towels look displayed in our main bathroom area.

but what has me really excited is all of this new found space for my stockpile…

i’ll be on the search for baskets and soon enough this cabinet will be looking pretty and organized! can’t wait to share the end result in here!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Looks great! I love that shelf! Here from Clean and Scentsible!

  2. Emily says:

    Looks good – I just found your blog via Organize and Decorate Everything. Looking forward to taking a peek around. I'll be following you.

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks is much for coming by from the link party! And thank you for following me and taking a peek around. I really hope you like my blog and will stick around – I have fun in here each week 🙂

      Thanks again!!

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