recipe: turkey chili soup

May 25


i found this recipe online more than a year ago – and it never disappoints! it’s from skinny taste and if you’ve never tried this (or her other recipes) you must head over to her sit to look around! 🙂
it’s so good and healthy….and you can freeze the leftovers. or, as in my case, you can eat this for lunch and dinner over the next several days after making it. it’s that good…i never have the will power to freeze the leftovers.
here are the ingredients, minus the ground turkey which was already in the pot…
this recipe is super easy. you’ll cook the ground turkey…

as the turkey cooks, i chop the pepper and onion. i like to chop mine pretty small…

my tip for easy and quick chopping? this little gadget from the pampered chef…

i’ve owned it for over 10 years and it works so well for quickly chopping items like peppers, onions, garlic….anything really.

once the ground turkey is thoroughly cooked and no longer pink, you’ll throw in all of the remaining ingredients and let the chili simmer for about 30 minutes or so…

quick, easy, delicious – and healthy!….
we top ours with low-fat cheese, low-fat sour cream and a few tortilla chips on the side work really well.try this one out and enjoy!!!

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  1. Nadia says:

    Looks soooo yummy!!!!

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