recipe: easy & cool layered taco dip

May 31

one of my favorite cold dips to make is an easy layered taco dip. this is the very basic version (my personal favorite), but you can really customize this recipe to cater to the people eating it.

before i show you how to assemble, i have a great tip to share. before adding all of the layers to your serving plate, lay down a few flour or corn tortillas as your first bottom layer. i generally use plain flour tortillas or those colorful sandwich wraps – which come in a pretty and festive green color. adding this layer not only makes the bottom edge of your dip look pretty, but it keeps the dip together nicely in the fridge…and keeps your plate relatively clean.

after you have placed your layer of tortillas, spread out a good layer of warmed refried beans. i generally use 1 can. the beans spread much easier when warmed…

before moving on with the layers, you will want to chill the beans for about 30 minutes or until cool to the touch. this will keep the beans from warming and wilting your lettuce and cheese layer…

while it’s chilling, here is another tip. to get that taco flavor, i mix together 16 ounces of sour cream with 1/2 a package of taco seasoning. you can up or lower the seasoning to your preferences…

it comes together nicely and creates a pretty pink layer…

you’ll spread the sour cream mixture over the beans…

then i like to add chopped iceberg lettuce…

chopped roma tomatoes…

lots of finely shredded cheese…

it’s already looking so yummy…

and i top mine with a good amount of sliced black olives…

once it’s assembled, lightly cover it with saran wrap and pop it into the fridge for a while to chill.

the end result is so pretty and always a big hit when we have company or bring it as an appetizer to our friends’ homes…

like i said, this layered dip is totally customizable to your taste. for example, my husband loves guacamole and hot salsa as additional layers on his version. i don’t like either of those. so, if making this dip with him in mind, i either add his favorites to one half (and make sure to flag which half is his) or i create a smaller version for each of us – on 2 separate plates.

you can add all sorts of toppings like chopped cold grilled chicken, grilled corn, diced green chili’s, various salsa’s or even mix it up by using black beans instead of refried beans. no matter how you create this dip, it is SO good and you won’t be able to resist eating it.

oh, and don’t forget a good bag or tortilla chips. my husband loves to use the chili & lime chips from our local organic market.

ooooor, just grab a spoon/fork and get into the dip directly. yummy!


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  1. Emily says:

    Looks yummy! I make this quite often, but have never thought to use tortillas as a base. That is a great idea!

    • thank you! my sister taught me the tortilla tip. i had been making this dip forever by just starting on an empty plate, but the tortilla's really added a little something more – and made it a much smoother base for the beans.

      thanks again!
      samantha 🙂

  2. Elaine says:

    Just made it! My family loved it!!

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