it’s the little things – day 5

Jun 8

i can’t believe we are at day 5 in my little things series and that the week is coming to a close. where does the time go? i guess i was having fun this week, because it really flew by for me.
today, i have 3 very fun little organizational ideas to share with you. again, as with all of the ideas i shared this week, these were little things on my to-do list that were beginning to get under my skin. it is such a great feeling to know these have been knocked off the list…but i have to admit – there’s still more! yes, even more little things on my list – and big things, of course! the organizing never comes to an end for me!
but if i shared it all with you this week, what would keep you coming back? and what would i blog about from here on? 🙂
the first little thing on today’s list? batteries!
does anyone else struggle with this…
lots of opened battery packages? are these not thee most annoying packages in the world? (well, these and toy packaging). a question i would ask the makers of battery packaging – why do they make the packages so difficult to open? and once they are open, they look awful and it’s hard to store them anywhere.
so, as you can see, i had various packages that were opened. they had previously been sitting on a laundry room shelf  in the cabinet above the washer. when i needed a battery, i would dig through all of the packages to find the right size. not a big deal to dig, but annoying nonetheless.
then – insert the choir singing – i found this…

say what? a battery storage box?! i love this!

of course, it can be found at the container store for $5.99. 🙂

i grabbed 2 of them and quickly filed away all of my opened battery packages…

my opened packages fit inside the 2 boxes i purchased…

then i put the boxes on the shelf they were previously located…

the blue bin next to it contains our unopened packages of batteries…

who thought batteries could look so nice?

next up – i found a great stain removal chart on martha stewart’s website. i had it pinned on a pinterest board for a while and figured eventually i would print it out to hang somewhere. each time i did laundry and found a random stain, i would go to my pinned image or the martha stewart website to find out how to remove it. and that wasn’t working well for me. inevitably, i would walk across the house to the office, where our computer is…then get distracted and forget why i had walked to the office in the first place.

finally, i had enough of that and printed the chart…

i placed it inside a sheet protector page…

used my scrapbook cutter to cut off the 3-hole edge…


and thought of a creative way to hang it in the laundry room…

it’s so cute hanging from that skirt hanger, but it wasn’t feeling quite right to me. there seems to be too much wall around it…

so i took it down and hung it on the family command center white board…

that will be it’s very temporary home, because i have a few ideas up my sleeve on what i could do with this hanger idea…and making the entire wall over there look balanced. stay tuned for that! that will be a fun project to work on this summer.

give me some thoughts of your own too!

nevertheless, it’s been printed and is now located in the laundry room where i can easily and quickly read how to remove various stains. thank you, martha!

my final little thing for today, and the entire series, was containing the coins (and sometimes dollar bills!) found while doing the laundry. anyone doing laundry knows what fun little trinkets you find while going through pockets…or you hear them rumbling around in the dryer.

i figure, since i’m the one doing the laundry, it automatically becomes my property. heh heh.

in the past i would just pull out the coins or other items and put them on top of the dryer until i had a moment to put them away. instead, i decided to use one of my new little plastic drawer organizers from the dollar store…

i had the perfect little spot for it too…inside my new laundry supply box

i’m off to a good start – today i found $.17. just $4 more and i’ll have earned the starbucks drink i’ve been craving. 🙂
if you missed any of the previous 4 days in this series, here is a quick breakdown:
day 1 – martha stewart pocket organizer, laundry room utility organizer, container store acrylic stand
day 2 – tweaked coupon binder, organized buttons
day 3 – organized bathroom stockpile, organized tampons, contained bar soap, rolling clothes in drawers
day 4 – organized sunblock, hanging pool bags, hanging sports bags
my friends, that is it. my little things series has come to a close. we have talked about so many little things that got knocked off my to-do list this week. i enjoyed doing this series so much and hope you enjoyed reading along with me!
don’t forget – you still have today to enter the giveaway! first thing tomorrow morning i’ll post the winner from rafflecopter. so make sure you head over to enter for a chance to win a FREE crumbs away utensil tray!

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  1. Dianne says:

    Such a simple idea but I'm totally going to get my batteries organized. They are in 2 locations and just loose once opened. Thank you.

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