recipe: chewy chocolate chip cookies

Jul 12

previously on the blog i shared a great, easy chocolate chip cookie recipe. but last week i found “the one” and had to share it with you.

well, at least it’s “the one” for now – who knows when i will find the recipe that tops this!

if you have been in search of the perfect, chewy, soft, but crisp around the edges chocolate chip cookie, you must try this recipe!

here is the simple list of ingredients…

this recipe keeps the cookies moist because i lowered the amount of white sugar and upped the amount of brown sugar and butter. the brown sugar and butter kept the cookies moist and tender, not dry and crisp.

i baked our cookies directly on the baking sheet. with the amount of butter i used, there was no chance these babies would stick. and i was going for this golden, brown crust on the bottom…

but if you prefer preparing your baking sheet with parchment or the like, go for it!

this recipe made almost 3 dozen bits of heaven…

want to know just how chewy and moist they turned out? have a look at this little hand…

yummy! if he wasn’t fighting me so much over the cookie, i would have eaten it right out of his hand 🙂

here is the printable. enjoy!

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  1. These look like my kind of chocolate chip cookies. I really like chewy with crispy bottoms. I also don't like cake-y cookies, so these look great!

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