recipe: healthy chicken noodle soup

Jul 26

i realize most of you probably aren’t thinking about hot dinner items given this insane summer heat. but a few weeks ago i was in the mood to make chicken noodle soup and tested out a recipe for the crock-pot. it turned out great!

the ingredients…

you’ll notice there are a lot of carrots….our family loves carrots so i really loaded them up in the crock pot. once you have created a bed of carrots, you’ll add the chicken breasts…

then you’ll add the chicken broth and water, cover and cook….

the 4 chicken breasts turned out quite a bit of shredded meat…

i held back and ended up just adding the equivalent of 2-3 chicken breasts back into the crock pot…and i kept the rest of the meat for another dish we had later that week…

once the chicken is back in the crock pot, you’ll add the uncooked noodles…

and you top it off with yummy, healthy peas…

the soup was delicious and made so much soup we had leftovers for days!

here is the printable…enjoy!

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  1. Nadia says:

    Looks so devine and healthy as you said! Thanks!!

  2. sai krupa says:

    It looks so yummy.. The making procedural info on healthy chicken noodle soup was really fantastic. Thanks for sharing the content of Healthy Recipes.

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