Daylight Savings Organization Tips

Nov 13

 Like most with a busy schedule, I look for easy ways to be reminded of minor home maintenance chores. Daylight savings is the perfect time to tackle chores that tend to be forgotten. I love getting those chores done before they become an issue. Especially when the issue presents itself at 2 or 3am. *ahem*
(more on that story below)
Since we fell back and gained 1 hour last week, thought I’d share my list of chores that get done while changing the clocks. These tips pay off to those being pro-active. So if you haven’t done these in a long time, might be a good idea!
We’ll start with the most obvious…clocks!

Some clocks I own help me out by changing themselves (computers, cell phones, etc), but many need to be manually changed. In addition to changing electronic clocks (dvd player, microwave, stove, watches, etc), I walk through the entire house and change free-standing battery-operated clocks, like those in the photo above.

As I go from clock to clock, I carry a small screwdriver and my battery organizers/containers

Now that the clocks are telling the correct time and have fresh batteries, time for another chore that should be done every 6 months…smoke detector batteries

These are the little rascals that chirp their request for a new battery around 2 or 3am in this house. Always! And it’s a high-pitched chirp no one wants to hear at that early hour. So give yourself a pass on that one and change out those batteries. It’s a good idea to stay on top of the batteries anyway because these guys are lifesavers!

Next up, I change the batteries in the tv remotes and give them a solid wipe down…

Then I do the same thing with the house phone handsets. Yes, some of these require batteries (check yours)…and my phones is due for a wipe down by this point…

The final chore I handle each and every daylight savings change? The computer keyboards

Keyboards, phones and remotes…dirty. dirty. dirty.

Since I own an apple computer with a wireless keyboard/mouse, it require batteries. It’s a great time to get a fresh set of batteries into these important blogging items. I turn off the keyboard and mouse, then give them a good spray down of dust-off. This product can be found in office supply stores or on Amazon. It’s essential for getting into the teeny-tiny grooves of keyboard keys. I take the keyboards outside to spray out the loose bits. You’ll be surprised how much junk comes out of your keyboard. Yuck!

Then just gently wipe down each and every key. Be sure not to spray cleansers directly onto your keyboard or mouse. It can ruin the inner electronics. Instead spray a little cleanser into a dry rag until slightly damp or use a pre-moistened wipe to clean away dirt.

My kids have the old mac and their keyboard was looking reeeeally bad…



I’m sure you have a great daylight savings organization tip. What do you do while changing your clocks twice a year?

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  1. Chloe West says:

    The only clock we have in the house that didn't change automatically was the microwave…and I honestly just changed it today. Slack, I know!

  2. wow you are truly the most organized person!

  3. This is a great post. These are the little things that can be easily forgotten. I try to wipe down keyboards, remotes controls, game controllers, and even door knobs at least once every two weeks! I see you use green works wipes. I love those things! I found you through CHQ blog hop. I'm now your newest follower!


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