Project Update: Organized Toy Bins with Free Labels

Nov 16

Lately I seem to regularly adjust organization ideas – especially when it comes to the kids. This is done with the hopes something eventually might stick and that a new/different system will get them as excited as me excited about toy clean-up.

Don’t let this blog fool you. I’m not immune to the complete disaster toys can present. Remember this pretty image shared a few months ago on a tour of the playroom?…

Told you. not perfect over here.

Kids are kids. It’s real with the same organization struggles as everyone else. With 3 little people growing and learning, there’s room for improvement when it comes to clean-up and respecting our home and items we are lucky to have.

During the recent large purge of the playroom, I ended up with this set-up in the toy closet…

With 3 very different children at different ages and stages (and don’t forget girls and boys play with different toys), we have quite a few toys. The kids and I purge often, usually when seasons change or when a birthday or Santa is coming. A few months ago when we tackled the playroom, we funneled most of the toys down into mesh cubes from The Container Store.
But last week, while cleaning the playroom, my 8 year old asked why I didn’t label the bins. Like his teachers at school have done. Good question, buddy! At the time, I didn’t think it was necessary because we can see through the material. However, I understood his question…because we were all frustrated while putting away the toys. It sure would be easier to have a label.
After a quick search online I found that Better Homes & Gardens has an awesome selection of FREE printable labels. The array is pretty too!
All images are from Better Homes & Gardens
This week I got to work on the labels, first making a list of bin labels we needed…

The labels were cut down using a scrap cutter

Then it was time to laminate!…

If you’ve been considering a laminating machine, this Scotch version is excellent…

I don’t do a lot of laminating, but when needed it’s easy to set up and the pouches are not costly.

Done and ready for hole punches…

Then, I grabbed the labels, a pair of scissors and some thin ribbon and headed upstairs to the playroom…


I could get lost for hours in projects like these….

8 year old approved!

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  1. Yes those labels are sweet.great idea from your son. I have just given away ALL of our Fisher Price little people and wooden Thomas sets because my kids no longer play with them. It felt so liberating I can t describe. Most went to church crèches and play groups that are starting up locally.

  2. Nadia says:

    Excellent post as usual!

  3. I love labels! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Love these! With three boys the lego parts are out of control! I'll be featuring this later today.

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