2 Chores – 1 Organization Punch

Dec 5

How’s that for a title?

‘Tis the time of year to send out holiday cards. This tradition is one of my favorites because I love seeing the faces I cherish arrive in my mailbox. Social media keeps us closer than ever, making it easy to share the day to day or events with our families and children. But I still love to get those cards in the mail!

Since most of us send out holiday cards, most of us are likely working on writing all those addresses. Maybe some of you are done already? Good for you! Last night I finally started addressing our Christmas cards. My set-up…

I got comfortable on my bed with return address labels, stamps, and my ipad. I use the ipad to access my address book….which is maintained digitally.

And nothing else could put me in the Christmas card mood faster than watching Michael Buble’s Christmas special…

Yes, this special aired last year. If you didn’t know, he’s one of my favorites. I saved the show on the dvr for the last year…just to watch it again this year. #crazy

Anyway, since you’re probably receiving those cards in the mail, why not work on updating your address book at the same time?

This is an easy organization project I complete every holiday season. Your family and friends are doing most of the work for you by mailing that card with their names and addresses. And a lot can change in one year…so this is a great time to update that address book.

Like I said, it’s a way to knock out 2 chores with 1 big punch…updating your address book and sending your own cards to the correct address!

Here are some of my tips:

* As the cards come in, set aside the envelope that has the return address. when you have a good stack accumulated or a moment of free time, double check if the address you have in your book matches the address on the envelope. People move all the time. You may be aware they moved, but don’t have their updated address. This is great time to update your book.

* Another tip during this project is updating names. If friends and family added new children to their lives in the last year, this is a great time to add those names to your book. And be certain you have them spelling correctly. These days there are lots of unique baby names, so this would be a great time to be sure you have their special family member’s name spelled correctly.

* Update last names. Again, a lot can change in a years time. Loved ones may have gotten married or divorced.

* If you don’t own an address book, consider gathering addresses and starting one. As I mentioned, I keep contacts in my computer address book. I love having the option of looking up a contact on a phone or iPad. The system also gets backed up each and every day, meaning there is no stress over losing the address book. If you prefer keeping addresses on paper, buy a pretty book and get those addresses organized for the coming year.

* One additional step I make each year is to remove people that were or became more of an acquaintance in the last calendar year…as opposed to becoming closer, tighter friends. Sounds harsh, but let me explain. Since moving out of state 5 years ago, many people that were an acquaintance while living in California haven’t communicated with me. Sad, yes, but it’s sort of the reality of life. Many of those acquaintances were pre-school teachers, tumbling class instructors, business contacts, etc. Not people we would hang out with all the time. Not long time friends. And if they haven’t corresponded with me in the last 5 years, it’s probably a safe time to kindly remove them from my address book.

No harm done in simplifying your life and book.

Updating your address book is an easy organization project to complete during this time of year because all of the info is coming your way already. No extra leg work of sending an e-mail, text or making a phone call – when it arrives in the mail, the info is in your hands making it an easy project.


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  1. Karyn says:

    Do you use your phone contacts list for addresses onyour iPhone? If not what program do you use?

    • yes, i use the contacts program that comes standard on your iphone, imac or other apple products. love it!!! we've used the program since we became an apple family 9 year ago! 🙂

  2. I do the same things you do. I feel so organized! 🙂

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