A Make-Shift Mudroom

Jan 18

Doesn’t take long for me to find something to organize. Or create solutions that make more sense. Or find a way to help life run a little smoother/more efficient. Especially when it comes to living in a new house…with new zones…and new challenges. When you move, you tend to start feeling more settled and at home as soon as you have a landing zone of sorts created. One of those challenges here is the fact we live in a rental house. When you don’t own the house, creativity is important. Renter’s aren’t able to add anything structural or permanent.

This is a fun change though. Loving this new reality because I love a good challenge. And renting will throw a lot of new challenges my way. It didn’t take long to discover my first challenge here…

…finding a spot for coats, shoes, backpacks and my purse. The pile you see is how I lived the first few days. When we arrived home, we dumped everything right there in a pile. This wasn’t going to last long for this neat-freak.

Here is where the problem begins. We enter / exit the house from the garage. Here is the entry point from the garage into the house…

There is actually a good amount of wall space where one could add some wainscoting with coat/bag hooks…


Anyway, while unpacking boxes one afternoon, I noticed the empty cabinets in the living room built-in. Which is just inside the entry from the garage…

6 little spots in total….5 cubbies plus 1 to spare!

I quickly re-adjusted the shelves, many of which weren’t even installed…

With a space for each person, this is a helpful spot to create a make-shift mudroom…

Love this clear entry for walking…not tripping…

Visitor’s are unaware of what’s hidden away in these cabinets. It’s my secret…

The system has been working well and the kids took hold of it right away. One night, as I was laying out clothing for the next school day, I was looking for our 6 year old’s shoes. He typically takes them off somewhere in the house and then we hunt them down the next day. Low and behold, he had put them inside his cabinet. Proud of him!

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  1. melissa says:

    I like that black bench in the first picture you posted of entry options. Any idea where it came from?

  2. So much inspiration in one post! Thank you for sharing ideas for spaces of all shapes and sizes. Makes me want to go "pretty up" my entry!

    – Abby =)

  3. Jen Donahue says:

    I love how all your kids wear Uggs!! :p. great post!!

  4. Awww yes, I know that pile all too well 🙂 Love that you were able to use storage you already had. Thanks for linking up!

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