The Playroom

Jan 22

Now that we’re unpacked and settled at the rental, I’m excited to show you around. What better place to start the tour than in the playroom!
This was one of the first spaces to be completely unpacked and organized…for 3 obvious little reasons. But truth be told, I had great ideas for this room….which were made easy thanks to the organization that took place in our previous home (hereand all of these beautiful built-in shelves and cabinets.
Here is the view into the playroom as you enter…

Their couches fit perfectly in the center of the room. This couch is very old and the slipcovers are removable, which makes for easy cleaning…

They are comfortable too! So comfortable that many an extended family member has chosen to sleep on the long couch instead of in a bed.

As far as the perimeter of the room, let’s start with these awesome built-ins! These are off to the left as you enter the room….

When the owner built this room, this space was intended as either a formal living room or a library/sitting room. But it sure makes a great play space for us! The mesh bins were labeled in our previous playroom and fit perfectly on the shelves…

As we were choosing what would move to the rental and what would be packed away for storage, I made heavy-handed decisions in order to keep this space open and clean…and keep the toys focused on what I knew they would actually play with for 6 months. So what you see on the shelves is what they are playing with these days…

And it’s more than enough! I narrowed down the bins from 18 to 10 and placed some of their larger toys on the shelves as a great way to stow…and for decorative purposes. When they walked in the first time they loved seeing the toys because in our previous house I had all of them stored in a closet. When the toys are displayed this way it encourages them to play and the room just feels fun!

These bins are awesome for containing groups of toys…

At only $7.99 each, they are a steal! Because they are see-through you don’t need a label, but I found this customizable version for free on the Better Homes & Gardens site…

From the back corner. You can see the door in this image, as well…

Because I have a 2 year old, I opted to keep most of those bottom cabinets empty. This keeps her from pinching fingers or dumping toys all over the floor. Just 2 of the 6 cabinets have toys.

The rest of the room…

These floor totes work so well for containing stuffed animals…

And they come in cute colors or with personalization.


Although this playroom isn’t the same as the over the top playroom from our previous home, I love how open and bright this space feels. Most importantly, the kids love it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Vel Criste says:

    Cute! I bet the kids have a blast in this space!

  2. I just love looking a organised and tidy spaces, makes me happy

  3. Perfect space for the little ones!

  4. I always unpacked the playroom right after the kitchen in all our moves. Mom's figure that one out quickly. I love that "Potato Head" has his/their own bin. That clearly indicated an organized AND fun playroom.

  5. hsmominmo says:

    a wonderful space! thanks for sharing with us

  6. Bridgett says:

    Love your playroom! The built-ins are perfect for organization! Would love for you to share at the party tonight! xo bridgett

  7. Really like the idea of the see-through mesh bins. Thanks for linking up!

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