Move Update: Days 3 and 4

Jan 15

Let’s say that I am so very grateful to be sitting on the *opposite* end of this move. I can officially (and happily!) say we are totally moved in and unpacked over here. What a difference a week makes, right? A week ago today the movers arrived to begin boxing up. Today, 1 week later, I’m in a warm, new reality…with internet service. #grateful

A move that should have taken 3 days instead took a solid 4… along with a few odds and ends grabbed from the house on day 5. The delay was due to rain. This mama is happy to be back into some sort of regular routine. I say “some sort” because today school was dismissed early due to sleeting/ice….

When you see this image, be reminded this is not fluffly, fun, “let’s play in the snow!” snow. It’s ice. As in “Grab your ice skates! This road is frozen over!” ice.


The joys of moving…and inclement weather…and full-time motherhood.

Anyway – the move.

Day 3 was a flurry of activity with the largest group of movers in the house. A team of 4 guys were here all day moving furniture, appliances and beds from point a to point b. As i mentioned in my previous post, I named/labeled every room and piece of furniture in the old house as well as every room and spot in the rental house with the same name. That way, when the movers arrived at the rental, all they had to do was find the match…and plop down the item. It worked well to have spots defined before moving day. There were very little questions coming my way on day 3 because of the pre-planning.

As an example, here are some rooms after placement (a bit grainy because they were taken with my cell)…

* not, that is not a real snake!

While they moved furniture, I made myself busy unloading boxes. The crew moved many boxes/rooms on day 2…so I had plenty to keep me busy. Namely, in the master closet…

Once the furniture was moved, the crew packed the entire playroom and brought it downstairs to the kitchen. That is exactly what is going on here…


As we wrapped day 3, I spent time alone roaming the house. With beds moved, we weren’t spending the night. A sad reality.

Our empty room…

Empty living room…

My 8 year old’s empty bedroom…

Empty dining room and entry…

Garage was anything but empty…just more items waiting to be loaded on day 4…

Day 3 ended with a new normal…a new home to sleep in. It’s strange spending that first night in a new home. I heard a lot of noises that night, but there were happy sounds too. The kids, who I was handling with care all week in anticipation of whatever sadness and tears they may have…they were happy. Ecstatic even. Excited to sleep in the new house.

And they haven’t looked back since. I stand in amazement.

Day 4 was all about organizing boxes in the storage area…

*Still can’t believe how much I was able to store away!

Moving more boxes into the house…

Re-assembling items that were left undone the previous day, bringing over the last bits of food from the pantry and fridge…and much more.

The longest day yet.

Suddenly, the house was starting to feel more like a home. With each room closer to unpacked, I was feeling more settled. And my mission for the day was to at least have the playroom set-up as we headed into the weekend. That goal was a success and shared a sneak peek on facebook to celebrate…

After a long day – which came at the end of a long, stressful, physically strenuous and exhausting week – nothing made me more happy than having a weekend and seeing my bed set up…

A bed with my Charlie in it. Life is good!…

*He’s doing well with the move, by the way.

Day 5 was the final day to pick up small remaining items and the house was professionally cleaned before the new owners took over on Sunday. Back soon with the details of day 5 and feelings about leaving behind a home I truly and madly loved.

More to come this week and next…can’t wait to share!

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  1. Missy says:

    Looks like you've done a great job! Can't wait for the tour 🙂

  2. dawnp says:

    I'm exhausted just thinking about your move! Well done!

  3. Great job! I'm quite impressed… I'm looking forward to reading more – we're hoping and praying for a move this summer – to live closer to family – so I'm definitely taking notes on how to move in the most organized and efficient manner. We too may end up renting because we want to build. I already get misty-eyed thinking of leaving the home I love – it's the house I moved into when DH & I got married (he already owned it, but believe me it looks completely different, haha!) and the memories of answering the phone in the kitchen to find out we had been chosen by our son's birthmom. I look forward to reading your thoughts on that as well!

  4. I am sure it was sad to leave behind the house where you made so many memories. It always is. I hope you can look ahead at the new memories you will be making. You really did a great job. Looks like you will be able to enjoy this weekend with so much done. I am the same way when it comes to moving. I have had to do it so many times due to my Husbands job. We have lived in our current home for 14 years. The longest we have ever lived in one place by far. I hate boxes so I always made sure that as things were coming in I was unpacking and the boxes were going out. I love that new organized feeling after you move. I am always finding new ways to organize my house. I think a move is in order. (I kid, well, maybe! 🙂
    I can't wait to read more about your new adventure.

    From California :0)

  5. What an exhausting move but it looks like you had it all under control! Great job! How sweet of your husband to buy you flowers. Can't wait to read more!

  6. It is a big job moving but moving on your own, you go girl!!!

  7. What is amazing is that you were able to move and be a full time mommy and still have the time to blog about it! You are truly amazing!!!!

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