move update – days 1 & 2

Jan 10

checking in from my cardboard box world to share a few details about our move. days 1 and 2 are behind us and day 3 is upon us this morning. the crew and i figure friday will be our final day. the process has been time consuming because some items are going into storage and some are necessary to have inside our rental home. although i did quite a bit of work before hand (sorting into storage and keep piles), the guys need me to answer questions with each and every cabinet.

it’s been a chore, let me tell you.

i thought i would share a little update in here, along with some photos, in case you don’t follow the blog on facebook or instagram.

day 1 we spent 6-7 hours sorting, wrapping, boxing, labeling, taping, and stacking…a long day. the following are just a few images from throughout the day and how our day wrapped up…


these would be boxes and boxes of wall hangings stacked along pretty much every wall in the house. funny how when those come down from the wall, the house really feels empty. and there is a sad echo…



day 2 wasn’t very kind to us – it rained all day. and pretty cold too. boo! because we would certainly be tracking wet feet and dirt through the house, our crew created a make-shift floor to keep everything as clean as possible…

these are old boxes used from previous moves – pretty smart, right?…

the entire house is covered in cardboard box paths. the kids think it’s pretty fun.

i spent a good chunk of time in the morning emptying the contents of both playroom closets. it was a big job, but the rain made it the perfect one to tackle. heavens to betsy did this job take a while. the large pile in the far end of the photo is what will be stored. everything closer to the camera is coming to the rental…

here we are at the end of day 2…


i had been doing well emotionally because i’ve been ultra busy working along with the movers and sorting and going over to the rental house to unpack boxes. i’ve been in “mission-mode”. but this evening when i saw the empty living room and the house was quiet after the kids went to bed….insert sad face. 🙁 so many memories shared in this home. it’s starting to sink in.


time to turn that frown upside down…i have a sneak peak of our rental house! i have been over there all week working on naming the rooms/spaces…and today i spent a lot of time unpacking. here are some images shared via Facebook today…

garage shelving fits perfectly. couldn’t have planned that better…and i didn’t! just one of those magic moments…

our rental has a 3-car garage, with one garage being separated from the other 2. this was the perfect space to store away items we don’t need for 6 months…

kitchen is 80% set up. all we need is the contents of our fridge, a few pantry items and my beloved coffee maker…then we’re cooking!…

laundry room was unpacked today. tomorrow the washer and dryer arrive…

pantry is almost there…

*i have to admit, this pantry was the quickest pantry move in history. all of those baskets and plastic containers made this move a breeze! the movers just stacked everything inside boxes and all i had to do at the rental was pull them out. i was moving faster than the movers…they couldn’t keep up with me!

the living room is shaping up…

*you’ll notice papers/labels posted on all of the walls (and in some rooms they are on the floor too). just me and my OCD ways. Lord help the people who have to deal with me. here are a few of my lovely labels up close and personal. i’ll explain the method to my madness when i share all of the details about an organized move…


oh yea, these poor movers. they had to *see me* a lot! 🙂 didn’t they see the disclaimer in the move contract that said the just signed a contract with an over the top OCD organizer? jokes aside, these labels have been well received and they are making life super easy over here!

and finally, i spent a little time setting up the wine bar. a girl does have her priorities :-). several girlfriends are coming over tomorrow to help me knock out the playroom, art room, and lego room…i told them i would pay them in wine. funny how when i mention wine i have soooo many volunteers.


can’t wait to share the full tour once we are all moved in, but until then you have now seen a visual of  the world i’m currently living in. there is definitely not a whole lot of order, but it’s controlled chaos for sure. and going very well. no complaints!

i’ll be back soon with an update on move days 3 and 4. i’ve asked the movers to leave our computer to the very last possible second just so i can share another blog post before the weekend. 🙂 send me some positive move vibes….and some positive weather vibes too while you’re “vibing” for me. forecast calls for rain again today!

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  1. can't wait to see more shoot from your new house!

  2. Laura says:

    Since you're calling this a rental house, is this just a temporary house for you? I ask because I am a military wife and ill be interested to see how you make a home that is temporary a personalized space- I struggle with that each house we move to!!

  3. moving is a nightmare, Hate it! but these pics make it seem easy

  4. Missy says:

    Good luck with your move! Looking forward to reading all of your tips.

  5. I never thought I would meet another person with chronic OCD like myself. I really think it is a good thing. When we moved everything was so much easier to unpack. I drove my poor husband crazy before the move. However, when it came time to move and unpack, he was amazed!! 🙂

    I hope the weather is kind to you during your move. We are in California and are under a winter weather warning. It just stopped snowing. Crazy weather this year.

    Good luck. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the wine with your friends.

    Cathy 🙂

  6. Carol says:

    You are really pulling it together fast, Samantha! When we moved a little over a year ago, I had things so well organized — labels for where everything was to go. I had even placed extension cords in areas where I would have heavy pieces of furniture. I had done all of my own packing with my own labeling system, so when the movers arrived, I was able to run around with my camera and take tons of pictures. The owner of the moving compnay was so impressed, he asked to use my photos on his website. It was still an exhausting move, but then I'm way older than you are! Good luck in getting settled in.


  7. N.D. says:

    I don't even know how you are blogging and moving. Moving was insane! I moved last June (with 3yo, almost 2yo and 6 week old) and seriously, I still have not recovered. Good luck w/ your move – one day at a time! I love your old playroom, wow, amazing!!

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