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Feb 4

Do I have (what I think is) the most amazing organization solution for you today! Not only is it the perfect organizer for containing the little things in your life….it’s also great quality AND low-cost. No better combo!

When we made the move a few weeks ago, a local mover helped by packing boxes and moving everything over to the rental. The distance between the home I owned and the home we’re renting is very short. So, I think the movers took that for granted by simply loading bins and caddies on top of one another inside the moving boxes. Considering nothing packed this way was breakable, it’s not a big deal. However, it did create a bit of a mess when it came to unpacking.

When I unpacked the office supplies, there was a bit of re-organizing to do….

Sure, upon first glance everything looks ok. Yes, it’s messy, but still contained. But that doesn’t fly with me. While I love those caddies and baskets, before we moved I noticed the little things inside each were getting lost in the depth of those containers. Sometimes little things need a similar small size to contain them.

I unpacked the boxes and put each of those caddies and baskets away in the office closet. Then as I always do, while out shopping I kept my eyes peeled for new organization solutions to solve the problem. In the meantime I was itching more than Martha Stewart on a set of dirty sheets. Couldn’t wait to get this issue resolved!

Last week while at Home Depot grabbing random supplies, I found these on an end cap…

At first, it was the word “organizers” that caught my attention. Most of the time, when I find something new it’s out of my budget. It always seems that way – whether it’s a dress or shoes….or organizers. When I love something and really want it, it costs too much.

Not the case here!

This set of FOUR compartment-style organizers are….

Wait for it…




Just FOUR dollars!!!

Yes, 4 organizers for $4….only $1 each, friends!

I grabbed 2 and couldn’t wait to tackle the office issue.

Here’s a closer look….each has 2 sturdy plastic clasps….

They’re completely see-through, which is my fave because I don’t always like to label…

The set has 2 6-compartment organizers and 2 12-compartment organizers…

The 12-compartment…

The 6-compartment…

Love love love love looooooooove…..

Forget about roses and candy. Anyone could melt my heart gifting me with a set of these.

Back to organizing.

I started by dumping out the contents of the caddies and baskets, throwing out any trash, setting aside donations…and was left with a decent stack of teeny things and bigger things to put away. Once all was said and done, here’s how I organized everything.

One container now holds the supply of regular glitter, glitter glue and craft sticks…

One holds push pins, crazy glue, child-proofing outlet covers, metal scrapbook extenders, and my supply of command adhesive….

One holds washi tape, fabric measuring tapes, coin paper rolls, staples, mechanical pencil lead and erasers, and label maker tape…

And the last one holds hanging file folder labels and tabs as well as some scrapbooking adhesive…


All contained with a lid…

Before, all the little things were mixed in with bigger things. This is definitely a better container, giving me easy access.

And again, I love the ability to see through any side of the container…

As far as the remaining larger items, they have a happy ending too…

Now there’s a spot for my camera supplies…

The organization possibilities are endless with these containers. When I grabbed them I initially thought LEGOS! But as I’ve been looking around the house there are many more opportunities for these to simplify your life. Tiny scrapbooking supplies, art & craft supplies, polly pocket toys, barbie doll accessories, batteries, jewelry making, fishing items, and of course nails and other small tool box supplies – I did find them at a hardware store…so I’m sure that was the main idea.

Remember I purchased 2 sets. Still debating where to use those but have a feeling they will end up in the lego room or playroom. Either way, I’ll be sure to update. In the meantime, if you’ve been looking for an organizer to contain little things – run to Home Depot to grab your own!

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  1. I love that, especially at that price! If I've learned anything, it's to grab a deal like that because they won't stick around in the store long… on my next trip to Home Depot I'll have to grab some.

    • very true!!!! i was thinking about heading back there myself to grab a few more! and that was only because i have a genuine interest in organizing more little things around here. 🙂 point well taken, friend!!

      hope you're well,
      sam 🙂

  2. You just made this girl's Monday a happy one. I am leaving right now to get two sets.
    Thanks Sam for this post

    Have a great week,

    • hi cathy!

      so happy to know i made your day! i was super excited myself to find them last week – couldn't wait to put them to good use. enjoy!!!

      let me know how you ended up using yours!!

      sam 🙂

  3. Love it! Now I'm going to have make a trip to the Depot!

  4. michele says:

    drooling over all the organized loot! i'm craving that in my life right now!

    hope you'll stop by soon, pretty blogger.


  5. Do you think the new containers would work for chargers/plugs?

    • well, it just depends on the size of the end that plugs into the wall. it would certainly fit apple product chargers…like for iphone and ipad, etc. but am worried about telling you it would fit anything else. the container is really intended to hold little things.

      hope that helps!

  6. "forget about roses and candy for this lady. my husband could melt my heart faster by gifting me with a set of these." -LOL a woman after my own heart!

  7. Ashley says:

    Wow! I need some of those!

  8. These look awesome. I'm going to have to go to Home Depot and get a set. Thanks for the tip. And I just started following you by email. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you'd like.

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