Inspiring Car Organization

Mar 23

During the week I shared my 5-day car organization series. But I’m not the only person who enjoys a clean and organized car. I found some great inspiration around the blogosphere and wanted to share their great ideas with you too! Some ideas are from bloggers, others are products you can purchase. There are a zillion ideas out there – this is just a small sampling of what I found.

If you are planning a spring break road trip or just want to whip your car into shape, I hope you’ve been inspired over the last week.


DIY car organizer

organized trunk

DIY car trash can from BH&G

mini driver’s organizer

scrapbooking tote turned car organizer

DIY car kit

5 ways to keep your car organized for summer

the road trip pack list

kid’s lap desk organizer

car organization and preparedness

organized road trip

easy access travel kit for a road trip

“getting there is half the fun” road trip ideas for kids

ipad car organizer

grab-n-go car and travel bags

for parenting while on the road: if clip is up = good behavior. if clip is down, needs to improve behavior…

family car organizer from leaps & bounds

more car organization ideas

fun road trip games for kids

(i linked up with the 36th avenue)

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  1. Margy says:

    love this! Thanks for all of the resources!


  2. KC Coake says:

    Wow! What a great list of ways to organize the car.
    Love it,

  3. lavers says:

    where did you find the grab and go car travel bags, the clear ones that zip?!?

  4. Karla says:

    In my SUV the front seats don’t have removable head rests, the seat and head rest is all one piece. Most of the organization tip’s have to do with hanging something from the head rest. Also i have seat covers that cover the entire seat, front and back. Are there any other ways to utilize the back of the seats? I’m thinking of maybe sewing some scraps of fabric onto the back of my seat covers to create pockets but I’m not sure I want to make such a permanent change. Any other ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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