Rental Home tour: The Kids Bedrooms

Apr 26

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared a room tour of a space in our rental home, so today I thought I would share another organized space in this house. And not just 1 space, but actually 3! since i was planning to share our daughter’s room, I figured I’d go ahead and share the boys’ rooms as well. With so much of our stuff in storage, there isn’t a whole lot to share in these rooms. Why not cram them all in together!

First we’ll start in our daughter’s room. From this angle you can see back toward the door. It was too difficult to snap a photo from the doorway itself…

She has plenty of space to play (which i think is most important for children – not the stuff. The space!). On one wall we have a dresser and her little dress-up clothing corner…


In another corner, she has a bookcase with a few small chairs and our glider / ottoman…

her doll house and the doll house accessory organizer i created for her a while back…

Since we don’t know what her new bedroom will look like, and she’s ready for a big girl bed, we decided to buy her this great convertible crib bed rail

It makes her feel like a big girl and it gives us a chance to hold off on buying a bed until we know how much space we’ll have to set up her new big girl bedroom. πŸ™‚

This is a little corner window nook – great for taking care of baby dolls, stuffed animals and sitting in the warm sun while reading a book…

The boys are down the hallway…And over the bridge. It’s a boy’s adventure!…




You know who sleeps here…The scooby fanatic…

A feature I love about this room is the window seat…

The seat has two openings that reveal very deep storage. Smart storage idea! It’s been a great place to stow away stuffed animals and other things the boys want to hide from their little sister…

And finally, the 3rd room. This should be for one of the boys but they enjoy sleeping together. This is where our guests stay…



Heading back over the bridge, you can see the landing at the top of the stairs…

Yes, while this bridge is a beautiful home feature, it makes us very nervous. thankfully, the kids haven’t had any funny ideas – like throwing toys down into the living room.

Speaking of, here’s a different view down to the living room and kitchen…


Hope you enjoyed this little tour. Just a few more spaces in this house to share and then I’m going to share photos of our 1st home. seems like eons ago that we lived there. Not only did we update the house quite a bit, but I had the joy of installing quite a few organization systems that made the small 1,600 square feet work well for us.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Melissa says:

    What a beautiful home!!! Looks great! =)

  2. Gorgeous home! I like how open it is. Love the built-ins and the window seat for storage.

  3. That bridge is amazing! I've always wanted a window seat!!
    …And Away We Go!! ~ Leanne

  4. Simply LKJ says:

    Beautiful home. Love the doors and the mouldings. Yes, the cat walk as we call them, would make me extremely nervous. When we bought many years ago, any house I walked in with one was a definite NO!

    • i agree! if we were looking to buy a home here in this area, it wouldn't be one with the bridge. so many homes around here are built with them…some open on both sides and some open just on one side. any way you build it, makes me cringe.

      thank you for the sweet comment!

  5. Beautiful! I just love home tours. Can't wait to hear about the organization systems you used in your first house. Enjoy your day!

  6. LoriU says:

    That is an awesome rental home! (PS the bridge would make me nervous too!!)

    • it is! we are enjoying the house here – for the short term. our friends that own it are so generous to let us stay here until we move.

      yes, the bridge does make us nervous!!!

      thank you!

  7. Great space – love the under window storage.

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive – we're focusing on bedrooms this week, Alice x

  8. Your kids' bedrooms are without a doubt spacious especially your daughter's. Both rooms look adorable and you'll surely love their simplicity. It's great that you separated the school stuff and toys as well. It's one efficient way of keeping everything well-organized. I hope that your kids know how to clean their bedrooms though. πŸ™‚

    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Renovations

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