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Apr 24

I’m moving along over here in the spring cleaning dept…And the medicine cabinet in our rental house was the next victim on my list. I especially wanted to get this area organized because our family suffered through a solid 2-3 month round of illnesses this winter. Which means the bins were getting a lot of love and use. Which means I was able to see what could have been done better organization-wise. Which means I also had to re-stock meds that were running low.

You catch my drift.

Aaaaaand when we have small children visiting for an extended period, as we did last weekend, I prefer having everything in stock should an accident or illness pop up. Turns out I re-organized this cabinet at the right time because my sister-in-law’s son ended up with a random 2-day fever while they were visiting us. It was great having everything we needed on hand. Because as we all know, those fevers pop up at 2am.

Anyway, in our previous home I shared our medicine organization and that system worked well for quite a while. But I admit the smaller bin size was beginning to annoy me. Everything was so tight inside the shoebox sized bins and sometimes I had to really cram items in or replace them “just so” in order for the lid to neatly snap on.


While I was at dollar general a few weeks ago, I spotted these bins and knew they would work out really well for this little organization project…

The larger boxes are $5 each and tall enough to accommodate medicine bottles standing upright, with room to spare. The smaller boxes are $3.50 each and are the perfect height for band-aid boxes.

You’ll recall this cabinet space in the kitchen that I shared last week…

the recent post i shared about cheap-o art supply organizers gave you a little hint that something was going on in the mid-section…

And when I say mid-section, we aren’t talking about MY mid-section. The above mid-section in this photo is much more appealing to look at. And proportionate. And it’s never carried 3 pregnancies. And it’s solid.


Here’s the cabinet today…

In case you’re wandering eyes are wondering, the bottom shelf holds our daily vitamins and the hair brush/bed head spray bottles i use for the kids hair each morning. It saves us a lot of time having our morning necessities right here…Near the kitchen table. Vitamins are right there at breakfast and just after breakfast hair is brushed…And we’re off!

back to the meds, here is a closer look at the inside of each of the 4 medicine bins. The kids medicine bin…

The adult medicine bin…

A bin for cough drops…

And a bin for band-aid’s, gauze pads, and other boo-boo patching items…

Oh, and yes…Our 6 year old scooby fanatic loooooves these!…

This containment system is working much better than the previous system I created…

There’s more room to play around with the medicine containers and it doesn’t feel as cramped.

If you haven’t sorted through your medicine supply, spring is a great time to sort out those expired meds and put together a new system for containing it all. Hope this inexpensive idea will be helpful to you!

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Great idea! Love the idea of using bins to sort medicine into different categories!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Have to laugh, because I just tackled our medicine and first aid kits yesterday. I still need to restock, but I threw out all the expired stuff and resorted the rest. It feels good to get these little projects done and off my list!

    • that's funny – great minds think alike! šŸ™‚

      i can't believe how much expired meds we end up with. i buy it to have on hand for those in the middle of the night incidents…and the next thing i know, they're expired!? crazy train!

      i love getting projects knocked off the list too….but i wonder why more keep getting added onto the pile? haha!!!

      thank you again,
      sam šŸ™‚

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