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May 14

I hope all the mommies reading along had a perfect mother’s day weekend! My husband and kiddos completely spoiled me. I stayed in bed until 9:30, they made a light, beautiful breakfast – I’m not a big morning eater so this was perfect!…

The little hand you see is our 8 year old presenting the table to me – ha!

They gave me lots of cards and a few handmade gifts…And even a couple big gifts that blew me away. Remember when I shared this little tote bag? Guess what magically showed up on our mother’s day table? someone is being sneaky and reading my blog for ideas. I suppose this could work to my advantage – kidding!!! Anyway, I LOVE my new tote bag….

And I’ll have a chance to use it soon because I’m taking off again for the bay area this weekend! Can not wait to load it up for the plane/trip. Have to admit, it’s a bit nicer than the diaper big I’ve been carrying around for the last 8.5 years 🙂

Speaking of my trip, I’m heading back to meet with contractors at our new house. I’m looking forward to meeting with them to get the ball rolling on the 3 big jobs that will get done before move in – flooring, interior paint, and updated/repaired pool.

While I’m there, I’m going to scope out the house with a fine toothed comb and begin the process of determining what furniture can / can’t make the move along with us.

When you move sometimes you don’t have enough furniture, sometimes too much, or sometimes you want to start from scratch or update a few pieces. In our case, we love our home furnishings and want to keep as much as possible. However, we know not everything will fit. We’re going down in square footage – which makes me happy, because I no longer have to clean and maintain that additional square footage. While I’m there I’m going to measure out the bedrooms and figure out what will fit.

This was a long overdue project. I think whether you’re moving or not, it’s good to have a list of everything you own. It’s a good list to have on hand should something need to be repaired, replaced or, as in our case – SOLD. It’s also good to know for home / renter’s insurance info. or should something uncontrollable happen, like a natural disaster. It’s been on my to-do list for years. This big move finally gave me that swift kick in the you know what to get our list together.

Assembling the list took a little time, but it’s going to help me in more ways than you can imagine…

1. I will know exactly what we own (including the model name), where we purchased it and how much it cost.

2. I will have the measurements on hand for every item we own while I’m at the house this weekend. Which will help me…

3. Quickly figure out what needs to be sold when I return home…Which will…

4. Help lower our moving costs. The moving company typically quotes by how much you own / weight. If I sell everything we don’t want on this end, it will save us the hassle of paying for it to be moved…And then dealing with it yet again on the other end of this move.

I threw together a simple inventory sheet…

Then I went room to room writing down everything we own and where it was purchased….


I  made sure to measure the full length of items like tables that have a leaf insert…



Once everything was down on paper, I first searched out our items online. Finding them online gave me an accurate measurement and cost (if I didn’t know how much we paid). If I couldn’t locate the items online, I took the measurements myself and put a ball park guesstimate for what we paid or located the original receipt.

Now I finally have a complete inventory of our home furnishings…

And this will help me so much during my upcoming weekend trip to the new house. It will be fun to plan out in my head where our various items may fit. Then when I’m back at home next week, time to sell what won’t work for us.

Not sure about you, but it’s so easy for me to forget a few items we own. Even when we made the move from our home to this rental house, I forgot that we have my husband’s grandmother’s piano along with a few other big items. ?? The way this mommy brain works – it’s shocking at times. 🙂

If you would like to have an inventory of your home furnishings, here is the document I created – Yours to download for free…


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