Simple Solution: Contained Headphones

Jul 13

Happy weekend! Bonus weekend post!

Well, actually – this was intended to go up on the blog yesterday, but instead spent way too much time this week going out with friends…celebrating, enjoying our last few weeks together, having fun, smiling, eating, drinking and laughing. Basically, having fun instead of my nightly blog work. Can’t blame me, right?!

California has the “must be hands-free while driving” cell phone law. (Frankly, every state should have this law.) Even though the state I  live in for the next few weeks doesn’t require you to be hands-free, I  use a headset while driving. But with the travel back and forth between here and California, my headphones were being put through the ringer. They were generally a tangled mess tossed into my purse or the passenger seat. And when I yanked them out of my purse, a bunch of things would topple out right along with them. Sorta like pulling a piñata string….

This week I spent a few hours roaming around in my candy store at The Container Store, when I was done designing a few closet systems for the new house. I found myself in the travel section and spied this cute container

For only $1.29…

Maybe I had too much coffee (or wine the previous night), but suddenly had a stroke of genius. This container was the perfect size for my headphones…

No more tangled wires in the purse!

And love how contained and compact this solution is…

If you’re dealing with tangled headphones, this is an easy and inexpensive solution. Going to make my carry-on bag this coming week a lot more organized.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. My son uses earplugs for bathing etc, due to tubes. Those tubes come in a small rectangular plastic cases, and i was able to reuse that for my earbuds – worked great!! Also a small spice jar (plastic, about 1 1/2 to2 in. tall) also worked. I like the fact that I was repurposing and organizing! Thanks for the inspiration.

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